Blacktop Ninjas

Blacktop Ninjas

 Austin, Texas, USA

Blacktop Ninjas nonstop rock--the best band you never heard.


Roommates in 2009, Talley Barnes (Drums) and Matthew Schuster (Guitar, Keyboards, Vox) decided to form a dynamic rock duo of sorts with a beginning focus on rogue gigs and house gigs to try out sounds. Playing in other bands together, they used a spare in room in the house as a practice space for groups like Kabomba! It was a customary experience to wake the other up with loud noises of drums or guitars. After awhile of jamming together and playing music, Talley and Matthew decided to take their duo out to the world.

Drawing on inspiration from The White Stripes, Explosions in the Sky, Jimi Hendrix, and Modest Mouse, they continue to transform the sound into a progressive blues rock. Blending improvisational jazz, hip-hop, blues and punk, the duo has played gigs from three hours long to fifteen minutes.