Black Union

Black Union

 Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN
BandHip Hop

Black Union is not your average hip-hop act, B.U. has a mature sound and play with a full band when ever possible. B.U. is a socially aware act, and it show's their music. B.U. aim's to connect with their audience emotionally. So far, Black Union has had excellent feedback, online and live.


The Black Union movement is beginning� Officially formed in 2005, Black Union is a hip-hop act, featuring two main Emcees / Producers.; P. Noompse and The Truth. B.U. often incorporates the talents of other artist, and refer to themselves as a collective rather than a group. Black Union is almost complete their debut album, titled �Hate Crimes�. The album has tracks featuring Maestro, Kaleb Simmonds, and Brail Optics, to name a few.

Along the way, as chance would have it, Maestro Fresh Wes dropped by B.U.�s studio one night, along with Kaleb Simmonds. Kaleb and Maestro were working on the �Poor Boys Game� movie with Danny Glover. B.U. had produced a track for Kaleb�s last album, � Life on an 80�s Baby�; the track is titled �Our Young Culture�. B.U. happened to be in the middle of recording a song, titled �Africville� featuring Kaleb Simmonds. Maestro fell in love with the track and soon after agreed to be an addition feature on �Africville�. After the song was recorded B.U. applied for the Video Fact grant. Soon after, the grant was awarded to B.U. and the video was shot on May 12th 2007. The �Africville� video is scheduled to be released August 15th.

Black Union brings a unique sound and perspective to the hip-hop genre, which is both intelligent and creative. Some of B.U.�s influences are Peter Tosh, James Brown, Motown, Classical, Eric Serman, Dr, Dre, Notorious Big, Jay-Z, Pete Rock, etc. Black Union has an organic sound, rooted in political and social issues, but still striking an emotional response in their audience. Each member of B.U. has been involved with hip-hop music or the culture from a very early age. Black Union uses hip-hop to entertain, educate, and raise issues and does not portray a material image. Black Union is on their way up...

check out a performance:


1. "Africville" - Single (video included on CD)
2. Africville is featured on the "Poor Boys Game" movie sound track.
3. Various internet music sites
4. Z103 in Halifax has said they will play Africville when it's released
5. Africville video wil have rotation on Muchmusic
6. Africville unofficial video - Africville Re-union July 28th 2007
7. Africville - Played on CKDU Radio (Jam of the Week)

Set List

All original material, no covers.

currenlty 1 set, 6 songs, 30 minutes

Song List:
1. The Stuggle
2. The Light
3. I'll never be free
4.One Life
5. Imagine
6. Land of the G
Bonus Live Material:
Africville Featuring - Maestro Fresh Wes, and Kaleb Simmonds (Canadian Idol)