Black water pollution

Black water pollution


High energy alternative/metal riff enhanced by melodic guitar solo in the tradition of Quebec metal band


Formed in 2003, BWP has worked on some songs that have emerged in August 2004 with the demo "Hopeless Until Now". The band increased its experience over the years and shows that he gave. But not quite satisfied with the demo, BWP decided to change somewhat its musical direction by combining metal, alternative, hardcore and progressive, however, by adding a touch of punk and trash-beat. January 2009 will see the first album of the band called "Fallen Society". A brief overview of the decline of society in texts to reflect on certain situations that happens on our land. But it's not everything, BWP is already working on new songs for an upcoming album and tour is preparing its launch in 2009.


Fallen society /2009
Hopeless until now /2004
many of our song are available for streaming on myspace,facebook,reverbnation,number one music,last fm and more

Set List

we usualy plays all the songs from our latest release wich count 11 song for almost an hour of show.

-secret story of destiny
-piece of me
-ground zero
-love creation
-witches of confusion
-lost hope
-i just wanna say
-welcome to mouth of hell
-last days
-the story of lunatic