Oklahoma Rock influenced by rock from the last 30 years. Cutting edge vocals and instrumentation, along the lines of Beatles meet the Police.


Formed in 1995, Black Wednesday has rocked out and has added 200 songs to their catalogue. The band originally consisted of Erv Felker on vocals & rythm guitar, Tony Kirby on lead guitar, Shawn Wiles on Bass, and Nick Murray on drums.
The band has played local and regional venues throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. The band was managed by Crystal Thirion from 1995-1997. In 1996 the band joined NACA. Late 1996-1997 brought attention from TVT and Interscope Records, however, the band decided to explore other projects and take a much needed break in Feb. 1997.

In June of 2003, Erv Felker and Shawn Wiles went into Valcour Studio in Tulsa to record a two track demo. In June of 2004, Erv, Shawn, Scott Cooper on guitar, and Billy Berkenbile on drums, hit Valcour again and recorded an additional 6 tracks. These turned awesome. In December 2005, a final set of 6 tracks were recorded, this time with Greg Klaus on lead guitar. The compilation was placed on the internet under the name Erv Felker and appear on The song "Castaway" received Honorable Mention in the 2006 Billboard Song Contest, and "Mrs. Nancy & Me" placed 33 on the American Idol underground pop charts.

In June 2006, Black Wednesday reunited for the first time in 10 years with Tony Kirby back on lead guitar, and recorded five tracks. Robby Merrick, from Midwest Kings and Band Camp took the drums. The results were well anticipated and on the mark. A Studio session in Dec. 2006 produced 4 tracks, with an additional 2 acoustic tracks added during the final mix in April 2007.

The band hit the stage for the first show in 10 years supporting Pit Bulls on Crack in Dec. 2006, and again in April 2007, for the Ballroom Blitz in Tulsa OK.

Black Wednesday returned to the stage on April 26th 2008 for the 3RD annual Ballroom Blitz, which was recorded, and played DFEST in Tulsa on July 25th, 2008. The Black Wednesday self titled CD was released on Nick Murray rejoined the band in January 2010.


Self Titled 2008

Set List

Depending on the venue and alloted time, the setlist changes. We can fill 4 hours with our originals, or cut the set down to accommodate. Song lengths range from 3:00 to 10:00.