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Blackwood is a new sound that avid music listeners, radio program directors, A & R's, and Booking Agents are looking for. Blackwood represents a blend of hip/hop, rock, and blues. Take a trip to the deep south in the Middle of the swamp waters and experience a feel that will surly open your eyes.


BLACKWOOD- Scarred by the flames, but still standing. Created with a twist of Hip Hop, Blues and Southern Rock, Colored with the heart to hustle, Written with a Passion 2 Survive- From a Back porch studio with ceiling fans moving moist smoke filled air, a 50 dollar microphone, Dogs barking in the Background, heads bumping to beats while the liquor and sticky icky got passed around, minds spinning and thoughts running wild to- "THE UNTOUCHED"-named in 2003 From studio hopping, open mic shows, selling cds outta the trunk, strugglin to believe that there is a chance we can make, anger, tension, Jail,tragedy and hustlin to- "BLACKWOOD"-named in 2007 in light of a new found focus to gain more attention by Opening shows for artist like The Legendary "A-Z" from the group "The Firm" with Foxy Brown, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z and NAZ to up and coming artist that were featured on MTV and BET "Terminology" and "Joel Ortiz" which was recently signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records and will also peform in the upcoming Southern Smoke college tour hosted by DJ SMALLS in Florida-so the rest of the story is being written as you read. "keep faith alive, through this we survive." Artists are as follows: CHEVY JAMES, FRANK BARRINGTON, MILES McKAY, This bio is directed towards radio stations, local club owners, other artist and producers, music listeners of all types, and all possible investors of 1 Life 1 Time Entertainment, which features the group BLACKWOOD. ASCAP and numerous copyrights paperwork have been completed for recorded songs and the business license, PO Box, and Trademark Paperwork has been established. The band is currently putting the finishing touch (mastering) of the latest smash album ..Hustlas Prayer.. which will be due out in Spring 08. BLACKWOOD offers t-shirts, stickers, and cd singles by myspace and cdbaby. Cdbaby is the site that the new EP "After the Flames" which is a demo/sampler to Hustlas Prayer. BLACKWOOD named in the year of 2007, created in 2001. The group started out recording in Chevy James' back porch studio in his parents house and later built a new recording studio in his recently purchased house. The group has formed a Business "1 LIFE 1 TIME ENTERTAINMENT" because they want to promote other local artist and personal group projects with the income. The group is also beginning their efforts to give back to the community in hopes to form a better future.


Released singles include "So Slick", "Summertime" , "FLA", and "Like That" which are featured on Other cd's include the Album "SoutherDreamin" and the recently released EP "After the Flames" which is currently featured on blackwoodmusic and is the 5 track banger that includes songs from the upcoming album "Hustler's Prayer" in Spring of 2008.

Set List

Our typical set list includes: So Slick, Like That, Ridin Dirty, What it Take to Win, Summertime, and Feels Good. Our typical sets range from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.