Blackwood Hymnal

Blackwood Hymnal


Slow, quiet, and compelling Country-tinged music with blues and jazz influences. One sound guy recently told us we reminded him of Neko Case, Cowboy Junkies and Low. That's a fair enough description.


What can we say? Sometimes things just need to breathe. There's no rush, and no need to shout. Sometimes the most important part of a song is not what's heard, but rather what's felt.

We decided to take a small risk. Nothing too pretentious or groundbreaking...just see what would happen if we peeled back a few layers. We took it down to three elements: melody, rhythm, and chord progression. It seemed to work. At least it feels right. In the end, that's for you to decide.

We've been fortunate enough to get to know Desmond Shea, who is an amazing producer from the Bay Area. He's helping us cut a record, which we'll release on Tarnished Records later this year.

Thanks for taking the time to listen.


Take Me Closer

Written By: Katrina

begging release
from this poisonous grip
held tightly my jaw
held tightly my wrist

a box filled with snakes
was your wicked intent
crushing my faith
with the rumors you spent

take me closer tonight

and i took that old serpant
by the back of my hand
and i am left naked
to find my way back

Hotel Song

Written By: Katrina

your sleeping vertical
your bed's the chair by my side
i'm loosing time

all night long
quiet song and prayer

something says i've lost the fight
something says i'm letting go
something says i'm not alone
something says i'm going home

Just say you'll be alright
when i'm on the other side
so i can fly

Run With Me

Written By: Katrina

take me down to the sea
take me down, bury me
the radio flyer
sandcastle empires

take me back to the place
where the stars were a game
the long summer nights
we'll be sleeping outside

run with me
someday you'll run with me
run with me
like when we were young

now he's shaken with age
the life that he gave
each line in his face
carved out by those days

the rock through the windows
the cursing of widows
condemned for our lies
we fled through the night


Forthcoming LP - 2006

Set List

Typical set list can run from 40-60 minutes, with about seven to ten songs. We do a few lesser-known covers such as "Riding Boy" by Palace Brothers, "Pale Skinny Girl" by American Music Club, and "The Suffering Song" by Willard Grant Conspiracy. The rest are originals. We also have a few Johnny Cash and Hank Williams covers under our belt.