Black Zodiac

Black Zodiac


Black Zodiac is a heavy metal band based in the Tampa, Florida area. Black Zodiac's music combines melodic power riffs, with nu-metal and thrash metal grooves. Blended the passionate vocal styles of Mayelin, this adds a feminine strength.


Based in Tampa, Florida U.S.A., Black Zodiac is a heavy metal band formed in 2002 by Cuban-born beauty, Mayelin. The band, signed to former record label Sonic Wave International in 2004, and released their debut album tittled "Psychotic Hatred," in May 2004.

Mayelin was raised in Santa Clara, Cuba. She grew up on the music of Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Guns & Roses, and other 80's rockers. Her favorite performer was Ozzy. She was able to identify and connect with his dark deep-rooted, reflective personality, spirit, and music. She felt submerged in the dark music of heavy metal.

In 2001, Mayelin decided to form a band which she named Black Zodiac. To Mayelin the name Black Zodiac "represents all the different personalities of the zodiac, with the darkness behind them." By chance, she met Aaron Robinson, a guitarist/bassist who played for several heavy metal bands. Mayelin informed Aaron of her ambitions, and before long he agreed to collaborate with her on the Black Zodiac project. By March 2003 they had a self-financed four song LP, "Love In Darkness," which was released commercially. Talent 2k, an agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, agreed to pitch the LP to record labels.

In February 2004, Black Zodiac signed a deal with Sonic Wave International. They hooked up with producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Morbid Angels co-producer) and recorded Mayelin's songs for Black Zodiac's debut "Psychotic Hatred." The eleven track album was released on May 18,2004 and was distributed worldwide. The cd was serviced to radio stations throughout the U.S., and it received airplay on more than 250 commercial and noncommercial stations. Accompanying the release of the album was a video for the tune "Love In Darkness," which was solicited to various video outlets throughout the country. Their first single, "My Enemy's Blood," was Grammy considered for the catagory of "Best Metal Performance," at the 47th annual Grammy Awards.

Following the successful release of "Psychotic Hatred," Black Zodiac began it's preparations to tour in support of the album. However, difficulties finding suitable band members resulted in delays. After going through many musicians, a permanent lineup is now finally established. When Richard (drums) and Joe (bass) joined Black Zodiac. Already these distinguished musicians have become an intergral part of Black Zodiac's music.

Black Zodiac approaches their art differently than most of their contemporaries. They focus on the "whole picture," taking into consideration image, music, lyrical content, and performance, all arranged to fit together in perfect harmony. They look to be above the standards in metal today by keeping the lyrics clean and enlightening. They also extract musical influences from outside the metal genre while still being true to the roots of the style. With Mayelin's vocal power in combination with their unrestricted vision, there will be no end to Black Zodiac.


Final Conclusion

Written By: Mayelin

Verse 1: Evil begins with me,
Death will come to you,
Panic is in your heart,
Expecting to see all,
The darkness inside my heart,
Tragedy never stops,
Damaging your mind,
Waking my demons up.

Chorus: Making life worth death,
Seeing death worth living,
Making life worth death,
Seeing death worth living.

Verse 2: Hell I've got to offer,
With my soul casting spells,
Knowing the domination,
That evil is here,
Crucified souls,
Behind the iron gates,
With my blood dripping,
Filling the darkest lakes.


Interlude: Life,
Worth living.

(Repeat Verse 1)


Written By: Mayelin

Intro: This for all who try to control me,
If you want to stay alive,
Don't get in my way.

Verse 1: Everytime I see your face,
I want to see your blood,
If you knew what sleeps in me,
Why would you wake it up,
Let it sleep,
Let it sleep,
Don't try to mess with it,
Let it sleep,
Let it sleep,
Don't try to mess with it.

Chorus: It's not enough to be terrified,
I want to see your blood,
It's not enough to be horrified,
I want to see your blood

Verse 2: Don't tell me what to do,
Or even tell me what to say,
It's waking up in me,
Beaware of my wrath,
It's getting close to you,
I'm about to snap,
It's getting close to you,
I'm about to snap.


My Enemy's Blood

Written By: Mayelin

Verse 1: Slaughter,
In the name of God,
Upon the earth,
Comes with disorder,
Is uncontrollable.

Bridge: When I look upon the world,
The people make me sick,
With the evil that I feel inside,
I will bring them death.

Chorus: Slaughter,
To those who destroy life.

Verse 2: Empty,
Is how I feel,
Allows me to steal,
Is what I want,
My Enemy's Blood.

Bridge: When I look upon the earth,
The people make me sick,
With the evil that I feel inside,
I will bring them death.


Reprise: Murder,
Is what I want,
My Enemy's Blood.

Behind My Skin

Written By: Mayelin

Verse 1: Take away,
The sadness,
From my eyes,
Let it end,
And let it die,
Don't give away
Your pride,
Be the first,
To fight.

Chrous: I love my strength,
I love being me,
I love my soul,
Behind my skin,
I love my strength,
I love being me,
I love my soul,
Behind my skin

Verse 2: In the end,
I find everyone devine,
Laying to rest,
The confusion,
In my mind,
Feeling complete,
With my dignity,
Having respect,
For all eternity.

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3: My past,
No longer holds me,
The future,
Is all I see,
There's no remorse,
For what I have done,
The chaos that's caused,
Makes you the deserving

(Repeat Chorus)


"Love In Darkness"-LP 2003
"Psychotic Hatred"-EP 2004
"My Enemy's Blood"-Single 2004
"Love In Darkness"-Single 2005

Set List

Final Conclusion
Nations of Failure
My Enemy's Blood
Behind My Skin
Native Pride

45-60 mins.