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"Black Zodiac "Psychotic Hatred""

This is some really cool heavy metal that goes into thrash metal at times. There is a girl singing and she has an awesome voice as well. One of the best female singers I have heard that is for sure. The production quality on this is really good and I love the guitar sound that is on this. I bet this would be a killer live band. Well worth checking out and I'll try and get an interview with her as well. - review 9/24/07

"Black Zodiac "Psychotic Hatred"#2"

Ugly music for ugly people is the cliche catagorization for metal music. I would have to agree. However, Black Zodiac's vocalist Mayelin absolutely destroys that cliche. Mayelin's beauty rivals Selma Hayek.

Getting back to the cd, "Psychotic Hatred" is Black Zodiac's most recent release. It contains 11 tracks that takes you through a wild rollercoaster ride of metal emotions. On some tracks you'll get all out ball busters like "Final Conclusion," "Awakening," and "My Enemy's Blood." Then on some tracks you get subdued, ominous ballads like "Fanatico," "Healing With Your Hate," and "Coming Out."

Black Zodiac even incorporates elements of industrial/rap/nu-metal throughout Psychotic Hatred in tracks such as "Consequential Hatred" and "My Enemy's Blood."

"Psychotic Hatred" was recorded by Punchy at D.O.W Studios, which would explain the excellent production quality.

I have only seen Black Zodiac once live, and as good this CD sounds, I don't think it totally encapsulates the total Black Zodiac sound. In my opinion they sound much heavier. - Rivot Rag Sept. 05 issue

"Black Zodiac Signing Story"

Black Zodiac's recent signing with Sonic Wave International was no small feat. Lead singer and front woman Mayelin had been in other bands, but says, "It didn't work at all. We always had to depend on somebody else to get the job done, and somebody else always had an issue with the music. So I decided I was going to do a solo project, and I hired Aaron and we worked together very wee, musically."

According to Mayelin, Black Zodiac's signing was the result of hard work, presistence and a demo critique of the band's four song demo in Music Connection magazine. "This record offer came just after our review was published in Music Connection. And then we started getting phone calls and we started getting record contracts in the mail."

Even with the assistance provided by their review, however, there was still the matter ofnegotiating a mutually satisfactory agreement with potential labels, which Mayelin soon discovered to be as much a hurdle as getting the offers in the first place. Most labels wanted Black Zodiac to relocated and record in their studios, but Mayelin stuck to her guns. "We had other offers from different labels and we tried to negotiate a deal, but it didn't work. And I was definitely not going to sign something that wouldn't work for me as an artist."

That was until they met with Sonic Wave executive producer Anand Bhatt. "Negotiating the deal with Anand was very pleasant. He's a great person when it comes to business, and he didn't treat us like "you're the artist and I'm the boss." "He treated us like equal human beings."

Black Zodiac is currently in the studio working with Morbid Angel co-producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez on their upcoming debut, "Psychotic Hatred." - Music Connection

"Mayelin Interview"

Black Zodiac is a very cool mteal band from Florida and I got singer Mayelin on the phone and here is what she said to my questions.

MC: We will get the 1st obvious question out of the way. How did the band form and were you or any of the othere band members in any famous bands or were you just all in local bands and then came together?

BZ: I had always had a vision of waht I wnated to do artistically and my influences when I was growing up was Ozzy Osbourne and all the classic metal rockers and I met Aaron the guitar player and he was in a band. His band broke up and I was also playing drums in another band that broke up. I discussed with him my artistic vision of how I wanted the music and a band to be, and what I expected out of it. He joined with me, and we started working together and from then on everything started to come together.

MC: I have your cd next to me and was that released on you own label or a small indie label?

BZ: That was a indie label we were signed to.

MC: Prior to you putting the cd out, did you demo a lot of songs and stuff like that and did writing songs become easy when you started collaborating with Aaron?

BZ: Yes, Aaron works on the music side of things, and I work on the lyric side of things. It was pretty easy of both of us. -


"Love In Darkness"-LP 2003
"Psychotic Hatred"-EP 2004
"My Enemy's Blood"-Single 2004
"Love In Darkness"-Single 2005



Based in Tampa, Florida U.S.A., Black Zodiac is a heavy metal band formed in 2002 by Cuban-born beauty, Mayelin. The band, signed to former record label Sonic Wave International in 2004, and released their debut album tittled "Psychotic Hatred," in May 2004.

Mayelin was raised in Santa Clara, Cuba. She grew up on the music of Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Guns & Roses, and other 80's rockers. Her favorite performer was Ozzy. She was able to identify and connect with his dark deep-rooted, reflective personality, spirit, and music. She felt submerged in the dark music of heavy metal.

In 2001, Mayelin decided to form a band which she named Black Zodiac. To Mayelin the name Black Zodiac "represents all the different personalities of the zodiac, with the darkness behind them." By chance, she met Aaron Robinson, a guitarist/bassist who played for several heavy metal bands. Mayelin informed Aaron of her ambitions, and before long he agreed to collaborate with her on the Black Zodiac project. By March 2003 they had a self-financed four song LP, "Love In Darkness," which was released commercially. Talent 2k, an agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, agreed to pitch the LP to record labels.

In February 2004, Black Zodiac signed a deal with Sonic Wave International. They hooked up with producer Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez (Morbid Angels co-producer) and recorded Mayelin's songs for Black Zodiac's debut "Psychotic Hatred." The eleven track album was released on May 18,2004 and was distributed worldwide. The cd was serviced to radio stations throughout the U.S., and it received airplay on more than 250 commercial and noncommercial stations. Accompanying the release of the album was a video for the tune "Love In Darkness," which was solicited to various video outlets throughout the country. Their first single, "My Enemy's Blood," was Grammy considered for the catagory of "Best Metal Performance," at the 47th annual Grammy Awards.

Following the successful release of "Psychotic Hatred," Black Zodiac began it's preparations to tour in support of the album. However, difficulties finding suitable band members resulted in delays. After going through many musicians, a permanent lineup is now finally established. When Richard (drums) and Joe (bass) joined Black Zodiac. Already these distinguished musicians have become an intergral part of Black Zodiac's music.

Black Zodiac approaches their art differently than most of their contemporaries. They focus on the "whole picture," taking into consideration image, music, lyrical content, and performance, all arranged to fit together in perfect harmony. They look to be above the standards in metal today by keeping the lyrics clean and enlightening. They also extract musical influences from outside the metal genre while still being true to the roots of the style. With Mayelin's vocal power in combination with their unrestricted vision, there will be no end to Black Zodiac.