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Darnell Stewart (blacwaldo) - Electronic Musician

I'm a young brotha from the south. Ocean Springs MS, to be exact. Most people don't understand how someone from such a underdeveloped state to could come up with such highly developed music. I started playing guitar at the age of 10. Being from Mississippi, I had to learn the Blues first. After mastering the pentatonic scale, I moved on to study Jazz Theory and was eventually introduced to electro-funk. After years of experiments with different softwares, synths, and music production classes; I started making my own tracks. I'm heavily inspired by odd house producers (Mr. Oizo, Feadz, Kazyo, The Phantom's Revenge etc.) as well as funky house producers. If I could describe my music I would say it's a mix between Flying Lotus and The Phantom's Revenge.


Shunda K - "Message To a Black Man" (Fanatic Records)
Shunda K - "Burner" (Fanatic Records)
Shunda K - "HARD" (Fanatic Records"

Remixes -
Rihanna - "Rude Boy" (Unreleased)
Brandon Michael - "You're My Shawty" (SMKA)
Wil May - "Sweet Confusion" (SMKA)
Rome Fortune - "Fire In The Hole" (SMKA)

EPs -
"Blac Waldo Remixes SMKA's 808 Experiment Vol. 1" (bandcamp release)

"XSI" (bandcamp release)

"It Begins" (Bandcamp Release)

Set List

My typical DJ performance set lasts between 1-2hours. I spin a lot of underground electrohouse as well as my own original tracks. Some of my original songs I play are as follows:

"The Romulites"
"It Begins"
"Lucky Number"
"Kanye West is Dead"
"Sketch It Out"
"Chicken Eggz 2.0"