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Stuff's Happening Music Agency, in association with Big Apachee, Steal City Records and Universal Music are proud to present Blade
The band are returning to the UK for the first time since there 2008 European tour and Glastonbury show but this time with a third self produced album under their belts, signed to Universal and after recently supporting Ice Cube in Australia.
I have attached their press pack for you and also mailed you a hard copy in the post. Booking now for Europe and the UK in


Calling Newcastle New South Wales Australia home, with three independently produced and released albums and a 2008 tour of Europe under their belts, Blades have transformed themselves from a whisper of the break dancing brothers to a force within the Australian Hip Hop scene.

Their unique blend, consisting of deadly fast spit-symmetry, shards of Drum and Bass, dirty electro boogie and seismic dubstep
which is then delivered on a hip hop canvas with rhymes that cut through like a knives, means Blades are a far departure from
the irony drenched, lazy oz hip hop many expect.

Blades are made up of MC’s WIZARDRY and KID LYRICAL, who apart from being kin, have spent over twenty years rhyming
and break dancing together, and beat maker LIKEWYZE.

Likewyze was playing guitar in a funk band when Kid N Wiz jumped up on stage and took over. Impressed, Likewyze offered to
record their stuff and Blades have since independently produced and released three albums, as well as featuring on many
collaborations and compilations including the vinyl release "Underground United volume 1" alongside Gunshot and Killa Instinct.

In late 2007 Blades were contacted by Underground United, a hardcore hip hop label from Hamburg, who were interested in
distributing Blades catalogue to hip hop fans in Europe. This led to Blades 2008 tour of Europe, including a run of shows in the
UK, Germany and Switzerland. Blades even became part of history when they became the first Australian hip hop crew to
perform at the Glastonbury Festival.

A tour filled with pouncing on any microphone available between performances at any festivals they could get into, often
performed over beats provided by random DJs, gave Blades a unique insight into what a crowd really wanted in an MC. It also
taught Blades to look beyond hip hop to enable them to produce their individualistic style of music.

Blades returned to Australia with a new sound and a new show fusing elements of these festival performances into a hip hop
show like no other- “A high velocity lyrical trapeze act performed over a genre hopping mashup of ballistic rhythms”. Since
returning home, Blades have also recorded tracks for their upcoming fourth album and have released tracks as a taster of what
is to come. These tracks include “Where The Fires At”, “One”, “Radio” and “Tour de Future”.

Blades most recent offerings “Tour De Future” and “Radio” have been produced with assistance from producers “DNA” and
have been scheduled for release in late February 2011.

2011 is shaping to be a big year for the Blades crew, with a full length studio album set to hit the stores in July/August 2011 and
taking Australian hip hop overseas with a possible return to the UK for the summer series ahead.


awaiting updated discography...

Set List

details on route form Australia to be updated shortly