Blag'ard is fun.


Blag'ard is a two piece band from Chapel Hill, NC with a big rock
sound. Full and fun, apt to make a crowd move and people exclaim.
Part 50's sound, part 70's punk, singing harmonies over marbled veins
of rock, they enjoy what they do and it's infectious.
They self-released their first LP "Bobcat" in 2008 which made it into
the top 600 college radio.
They have recorded and will be releasing their second record "Mach
II" in Jan of 2010. At the same time Joe's label Pig Zen Space will
be releasing the 1997 lost record of his former band Capsize 7
(Caroline Records / Sony Music Publishing).
Blag'ard is getting road ready, having played a bakers dozen
regionals and three 5 day minitours in the past year. They are
looking to expand and show off their Mach II set to as many markets
as possible.

Special Thanks to Mad Max and Rock 107 WRXZ for playing "Bobcat"


Blag'ard, "Bobcat" LP 2008, Pig Zen Space
Blag'ard, "Blank Faced Clocks" EP 2006 (recorded with drummer Bill Buckley), Pig Zen Space

Set List

35 [+/- ] minutes of rock