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Székesfehérvár, Fejér, Hungary | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Székesfehérvár, Fejér, Hungary | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"SPOTLIGHT - Blahalouisiana"

BalconyTV - Laci, congratulations on winning the BalconyTV Global Music Rumble! Which member of the band are you?
Laci - Thank you, it really means a lot to us! I am the rhythm guitar player.

BTV -I love the sound of the band. I'm trying to figure out who you sound like... hmmm. Any ideas?
Laci - Well, every band member listens to different kinds of music, but I guess that we all love bands like Kings of Leon, Alabama Shakes, The Raconteurs, and singer-songwriters from the American South.
BTV - Yeah, I guess there is a lot of range in the sound. I can even hear a touch of Adeles' cooler stuff. I think your sound is very Brooklyn hip.
Laci - Wow, thanks! It would be pretty cool to actually play in Brooklyn sometime in the future
BTV - I think you would fit right in.

BTV - So how did the band come together?
Laci - Well me and the guys have been playing together in an other band called Jacked, from 2005 to 2010. It was an indie-rock band I guess. We got as far as publishing our first album at Universal Hungary, but then the band broke up and we were in need of a singer. Our bass player Jancsó met Barbara at university (they are studying jazz together), and we instantly fell in love with her voice and her person as well. We didn't even ask her if she wanted to join the band...we just decided that we needed her and then we started writing songs. The first one came out in 2012.
BTV - So a women brought you together?
Laci - That's right.

BTV - What was it like supporting Morcheeba? I always loved that band.
Laci - Oh, it was wonderful! We were really excited when we got invited to play before them and I think it was the best experience we have had on stage so far. The show was sold-out, and the crowd was awesome. The members of Morcheeba were super nice too.
BTV - That must make you positive for the future?
Laci - Definitely! We have just released our new single (which is our first song in Hungarian) and it is starting to get massive radio airplay. We are continuously working on our new songs in the studio, recording two of three at a time, and then writing new ones while mixing them. We also want to play as many gigs as we can. Unfortunately, the European tour that we had planned has to be postponed, but we are working on taking our music abroad. We will apply for the SXSW festival and maybe CBGB as well. We hope that there will be a time when Blahalouisiana will be known outside our country as well and it seems that BalconyTV is of major help in this
BTV We do what we can :-)

BTV - I have one critique. Blahalouisiana is one of the trickiest spellings ever for a band name. What were you thinking?
Laci - Haha, that's true. It is very rare that it gets spelled right. I think even the band members have a hard time in spelling it. But it's still easier than the original band name we had in mind...Sophie Brown and the Blahalouisana Moon Band
BTV - But how did the band name actually come about?
Laci - Blaha Lujza was a famous singer in Hungary at the beginning of the twentieth century. I was living at a square named after her. This is where we started writing songs. 'Blaha Lujza' and the square got coined with Louisiana, which is a place that we would love to see. Blahalouisiana is our 'little New Orleans' in Budapest
BTV - Very cool and good to know.

BTV - Well say hello to the rest of the band from us, and don't forget us when you're famous.
Laci - Thanks for putting us on the show! We really enjoyed taking part in it, it has been a very unique experience! - Balcony TV


Tales of Blahalouisiana EP (2013) (5 tracks)

Songs with radio airplay:
The Bluebird
In Lambarn
The Wanderer (#3 on the national radio chart for three weeks)
My Baby Wants to Leave This City



We are Blahalouisiana.

This is our story:

Blahalouisiana's first single, 'The Wanderer' landed at place 3 at the biggest national radio station and kept this position for three weeks, also getting massive airplay on smaller local radio stations. The band was also invited MR2 Akusztik, the most prestigious live acoustic radio sessions series and performed a 90-minute set, aired on MR2, the country's most popular radio station. Having played at all the remarkable venues in Budapest, the national TV station also recorded, aired and uploaded two full concerts from Blahalouisiana, live from A38 (chosen as the World's Best Club by LonelyPlanet in 2012). 
Blahalouisiana published its first 5-track EP named 'Tales of Blahalouisiana' in October 2013, featuring 'The Wanderer' and four other tracks recorded at the legendary Pannonia Studios in one take. Their first music video arrived in November 2013, directed by talented up-and-coming underground director Viktor Horvath, featuring scenes shot in New York and Budapest. Already having received recognization from the musical industry in Hungary, Blahalouisiana is now aiming to organize its first European tour, and to set foot in America as well by applying for the SXSW Festival 2015. Blahalouisiana was chosen support band by MORCHEEBA in Budapest in December 2013, where they played their first sold-out show with an audience of thousands. Blahalouisiana published their first Hungarian single in April 2014, further broadening their audience and receiving even more airplay from several radio stations. Blahalouisiana was also featured on Balcony TV Budapest, performing 'Walking in the Rain', and winning the Global Music Rumble twice in a row. The song was also chosen as the Editor's Pick Song of the Month in June 2014.

The band signed with Hungarian pop and alternative record label Gold Record in 2014, and is currently recording its next 6-track EP. 

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