Dolly Parton meets Radiohead


In late 2006 scientists decided Pluto would no longer be considered a planet. To many, this declaration was the celestial equivalent of learning that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Blair, however, saw the new classification as a metaphor for life in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

“Something is one way all your life, then all of a sudden, it totally changes.”

Just as Pluto is no longer considered a planet, Blair’s new EP, Pluto, is titled after the sudden and drastic changes she experienced in New Orleans after the hurricane. A marriage of alt-country and folk-tinged pop music - combined with a captivating falsetto voice - Pluto aims to create the same kind of intimacy between listener that she recalls from her first experiences listening to rock and pop radio. A personal expression during Blair’s transformation from youth to adulthood, Pluto is a personal snapshot of a place in time. And hopefully, indication of what the future holds.



Written By: blair gimma

All this time I wait for you boy
in this church down on my knees
then the kids say there's the wolfboy
behind the hills behind the trees

oh my god

all this time I'm straight for you boy
in the middle of the street
all the girls say i'm a fool for
howling at your feet

oh my god

mona lisa

Written By: blair gimma

i was a mona lisa
you made me abstract art
juggling with my twenty arms
some say those are my eyes
some say they are my tears
i say nothing at all
you'll always hold
a place in my heart
but loving you hurts so much
Some say thats my smile
some say it is my frown
i just sing my song
my eyes are my tears
my smile is my frown
my heart is my fears
my ups are my downs
splattered on the canvas
i was always abstract art
born with twenty arms
in my picture
you played no part
and loving you hurts so much


Written By: blair gimma

go to it baby
to the jungle fields
where young hearts are lifted
shot down and killed
hold me i'm all alone
without a crowd
maybe i'm too blind to see
when its all happening to me
maybe i've got something up my sleeve
maybe i won't take what you give me
tell me i'm crazy
pack up my bags
send me across the see
a knife in my hand
Hey there's jay
adam and dave
will you go out tonight
its worth not feeling okay
look who's late
purse in hand
will you go out tonight
I'd love to see your face


Debut EP : Pluto
Songs currently spinning on college radio: Mona Lisa, Wolf boy

Set List

so thats it
long ride home
mona lisa
everyone i love you everyone
half moon

Shows consist of one set and can be from 30 min- to 60 min long.

covers: Beck - forcefield, Velvet Underground - Jesus