Blair Combest

Blair Combest


Singer-songwriter meets Americana meets indie rock meets alt-country and has a love child named Blair Combest who knows not who his father is.


Blair Combest wants to tell you something.

Don’t worry, it’s not in the abstract, self-aware, singer-songwriter way. Just walk up and say hello and you’ll know which way I mean. You’ll practically be able to see the gears spinning at hyper-speed as he propels from one subject to the next. Not many people can easily transition from the migration of monarch butterflies to the wonders of the renal system, and that’s just in the first five minutes. The conversational topics may seem dizzyingly disparate, but if you listen closely, you’ll pick up the connections between them – the curious, the mundane, the incredible, the hysterical. Aligned at the core of this musician, they fit together to form a unique perspective on life, love, and other hazards of humanity.

Listening to Blair’s songs also provides clues to his background. Having moved from Mississippi to Memphis as an infant, Blair happily bears the brands of rock and roll’s birthplace. At an early age, Blair’s family introduced him to the musical elements and influences from their own backgrounds. Sitting in the way-back of Mrs. Combest’s Chevy wagon, Blair was exposed to everything from Dylan and the Flying Burrito Brothers to John Prine, the Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash.

Blair’s been writing songs ever since laying his ten-year-old hands on a Gibson Epiphone. His influences, however, don’t end with his musical heroes. A Dickensian spate of childhood illnesses led Blair to a passion for prose, and the presence of literary heroes like Poe and Nabokov is felt throughout his work. The maturity and intelligence of his music put Blair in circles beyond his years, and at the ripe old age of 15, he was playing songwriter showcases and opening for local bands. After spending a few post-high-school years gathering inspiration in the kitchens of Memphis, Blair united with indie-pop outfit Snowglobe and producer Kevin Cubbins to create his debut album. Released in 2003, Prettier Than Ugly combined Blair’s own inherent sensibilities of country, rock and folk with Snowglobe’s precise pop musicianship. The album was met with tremendous enthusiasm, batting .992 with reviewers (the only negative response was from a punk magazine, and that was a mailing error).

Blair spent the last two years promoting Prettier Than Ugly regionally, playing shows in Memphis along with Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, Oxford, and Athens. With a few well-chosen covers flanking his own body of work, Blair’s live performances demonstrate both his prolific talent and his appreciation for the artists, both infamous and obscure, who came before him. Blair has also been putting the final touches on his next release. The upcoming self-titled album features a dizzying array of Memphis’ finest musicians, including Mark Stuart and Kevin Cubbins (Pawtuckets), Brad Postlewaite (Snowglobe), Andy Ratliffe and Eric Lewis (Tennessee Boltsmokers). Look for the eagerly anticipated album, and for the plenty eager Combest himself, all over the U.S. in 2006.
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Prettier Than Ugly 2003- "Diamond in the Mine" and "While Walking"

Blair Combest 2006

Set List

Every Once in a While
Going Back
The Maiden
Just Like a Landslide
Wait for You
Her Eyes
Changing You
sets are about an hour...could be three or so.