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"Introducing Blak Diamon"

Shawn Myrie born in Westmoreland into a musical family with his father as a congo drum player and his mother who had a beautiful voice.

In high school Shawn Myrie and his brother Andrew Myrie started a sound system in Kingston called Uptempo International Music.

After a while started meeting entertainers other dj's and he then took interest in composing music writing songs while his brother built the riddims. In the company of King Jammy's son Jam 2. First studio he went to was Jam 2 studio.

Was given a riddim and got Bounty, Elephant Man,Wayne Marshall and other artists called Conscience.Pam Hall did harmony with Blak Diamon. Put it out on vinyl did not have label at that time linked up with Richard Roach and did street distribution.

First recorded song was "Just Too Bad" on a riddim built by his brother Anju Blax which has yet to be released in year 2008.

Wrote some songs as well for some artists such as Keely B on the Love Riddim. Anju went away to study Recording Arts and came back with full knowledge of how to produce and record up to industry standards.

Opened for Ziggy Marley in Hawaii on a little island named Mauii

Blak Diamon and Anju built their own studio calling UIM Recording Studio in Stoney Hill after a few short years Blak Diamon and his brother had to free up the property how ever that did not stop Blak Diamon from pursuing his well beloved music they worked for months with sweat and toil and now have a state of the art studio in Barbican.

Blak Diamon came full force with Gimmie The Dro on the "Like Me" riddim which featured also Demarco and other prominent artists on the riddim in 2009. There are a few powerful tracks that Blak Diamon has composed such as Black Skin ft Gyptian a song promoting self love and love for one's black heritage which became a vast hit in West Moreland after Dj Bubbles at In Ting in Savanna La Mar.

Another "hit" from Blak Diamon is Wine After Wine a song that causes heads to turn so to speak whether its being played on the dance floor.

UIM Records and Blak Diamon are a house hold name in Jamaica and now internationally known as well. Blak Diamon performed on Oct. 20 2012 for the radio station Hot 97 8th anniversary celebration. As well released his album this year called "Life Too Sweet" located on ITunes. Diamon video went number one on MTV Tempo with the song can't style mi.

Diamon plans to put out more videos wants to have products such as clothing plans to start a clothing line geared for children brandishing the "Blak Diamon" logo. Fronto King a tobacco company planning to sponsor a college tour with Diamon as the main act.

Message to youths that before being a man that need to be a youth put education first obedience to parents pursue their dreams.

In January of 2012 reached a point in his life where things were down financially wanted to give up and seek a 9-5 while at that point in his life came up with the song Life Too Sweet listeners were captivated by the message in the song and the love and acceptance he received from his fans kept Diamon in the music industry. Realized that life was a blessing.

Sending love to the UIM Records team, his family, his friends and fans. Most especially to his mother well known poetry writer Lana.
- Island Beats Magazine


2013- Karma On The Karma Riddim

2013- My Journey On The Journey Riddim

2013- Life Too Sweet

2012 - Proud

All of Blak Diamon's songs have been steadily receiving airplay in Jamaica as well internationally.



World known sensation "Blak Diamon" entered into the world with a key on his lips in Kingston Jamaica Dec. 26.

Raised in a musical home to Coptic Faith Lana Myrie and Jeff Myrie Diamon was raised in Rastafarian culture where instruments and music were a part of prayer. Diamon always loved the Congo drums.

Blak Diamon and his two brothers Jody and Andrew Myrie (Anjublax) all who were raised in that musical environment created a sound of their own while they were in highschool called Uptempo Disco which erupted into one of the top sounds in the Kingston area.

With an interest of making music and curiosity in the recording of music in mind Blak Diamon started associating with King Jammy's family who had studio's of their own where Diamon had the opportunity to see first hands how music was created before it hit the airwaves.

Jam2 aka Jammy James and Blak Diamon joined forces and embarked on a part of the Blak Diamon musical journey where he took the practical approach to music production while his brother AnjuBlax went into the classroom to study the production of music on a professional level.

As the years went by Blak Diamon's mother Lana Myrie recognized that her boys were on a mission to grow and excel in the music industry and assisted the boys to go even futher.

Blak Diamon started to write songs for other artist yet did not hear his own voice and by this time Anju returned home now ready to merge the practical and the classroom knowledge the two brothers came together and built "UIM" studio.

The two brothers Diamon and Anju making this merge were on a roll to make their Mom proud and began to work diligently with Shawn building a fan base as an artist he not only began writing songs he also began to voice the songs he wrote and the first recording he put out was "Just Too Bad" that was loved by many.

By now Diamon's confidence as a solo artist began to increase and a producer in New York a family contact heard the track and loved it so much that he sent for Anju and Diamon to write songs and make riddims which resulted in the current combination of two brothers one an artiste the other a producer.

Progressing as the days went by Blak Diamon recorded his first major calab with Left Side, Bugle, and, Konshens called "Forget The World" which becamse a hit sensation locally and internationally.

Gaining exposure at a rapid pace Blak Diamon also performed on a two day venue as opening act for Ziggy Marley in Hawaii which was a major growth in his career Diamon realized that he had the potential to bring his passion to an international level and began to work on writing material that could be platformed internationally.

With his rise in the industry and on an international level calls were flooding in from various producers wanting to feature the Blak Diamon on their projects however Blak Diamon was signed to UIM Record label and his producer was particular in whom Blak Diamon worked with outside of the label.

In 2012 all the hard work and perseverence paid off and Blak Diamon got the real taste of what being number one with his music video for his track "Can't Style Me" held first place for two weeks strong on MTV Tempo.

With his video holding strong on MTV Tempo more promotion increased on major network sites like Twitter, and Facebook feeling the love and admiration from his fans as they grew by the dozens.

Not stopping there Blad Diamon blew up the charts and screen with his video "Life Too Sweet" which featured his talented son Joshua Myrie which is still now in the top 5 videos on the market.

Right now Blak Diamon has voiced most of the outstanding riddims being released in Jamaica and world wide and has definitely become a household name so to speak.

Currently speaking Diamon is on his 5 month tour of the U.S.A. and also filming videos for his upcoming songs with plans to venture over to neighboring Canada really soon.

Blak Diamon can be found on I-tunes where his EP album has been purchased and downloaded on a daily basis.

This is the journey of Shawn Myrie aka Blak Diamon in his own words "My Journey".

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