Blake Byrd Band

Blake Byrd Band

 Richardson, Texas, USA

Fresh off of their Debut National Tour the Indie/Alternative/Pop group based out of Dallas Texas is hungry for more, With their Debut Record Wherever You Are Now finding radio time in multiple states and available for free on Spotify, they joined the Indie On Air Records Team and turned heads at Festivals this past year. Some say Dave Matthews, others Ben Rector - with the sound that could only come from breeding the two. You don't want to miss The Blake Byrd Band.


Blake Byrd is a songwriter and musician originating out of the heart of Dallas Texas. Playing with multiple bands throughout his high school career, and leading worship for different churches and youth groups, the Blake Byrd Band is his new Project beginning in late 2012. Defining his sound as an Indie/Alternative/Pop group they get the question a lot as to what kind of sound that might be. The short answer tends to be an Electric singer/songwriter, and described by multiple radio stations as the Indie Dave Matthews Band. Blake would rather give you the longer description claiming that their sound has the passion in their lyrics of a singer/songwriter, the groovy bass lines of a funky bunch, and catchy melodies that will get stuck in your head. After releasing their First single “Coffee Stains” in 2013 and giving it away for free, they had multiple radio and festival successes, and are now finishing up their Debut EP entitled “Where Ever You Are Now” which was self released this year on November 28th. With their Aspirations this year to return to SXSW again, and many other festivals on their 2014 summer & Spring Tour, this time with actual material to show. We hope that you stay updated, join our mailing list and take a listen to our Debut EP with deep lyrics, funky bass, tons of energy and melodies that will get stuck in your head and take you from ‘wherever you are now’ and get played over and over


Coffee Stains

Written By: Blake Byrd

This goes to all of you
That I’ve known for more than a year or two
And I can’t say that I’m any better
But here’s some advice instead of a letter

I don’t know where you’re at
So if I’m wrong then I take it back
I just know you’re worth so much
Down to a single touch

From a friend I’ll say this once
Your lives headed to a rut
There’s no telling when you’ll stop
So I’ll keep playin in this coffee shop

One day it’ll hit you hard
Just like the stoned you’ll be bombard
You’ll start to take that step
But it’s more than one, it’s a life time of dept
Oh it's a life time of Dept
Oh it's a life time of Dept
Oh it's a life time of Dept

So what are you waiting for
Grab your bags go out that door
There’s still time to catch that flight
Hurry up you’ll be there tonight

Whatever troubles you’re waiting on
I swear they’ll all be gone
you’ll start feel so free
How you’ve always wanted to be.
How you always wanted to be.


Written By: Blake Byrd

Where would I be
Without you next to me
Guiding by the hand
Pointing to the promise land

Back to the first day
Thought my chances were lost away
But little did I know
We’d take off sailing our fragile boat

The waves they came
They crashed and burned
It took our boat for a turn
We stayed a float but for how long

The memories we made
No they’re not all shades of grey
And the sunsets that we shared
As we sailed from here to there

Our steering wasn’t strong
And winds took over before too long
Cause we soon lost control
Sailing away in our fragile boat.


Before you cast off to sail
Choose a way so you don’t fail.

Set List

Never letting Go
High School Sweet Heart
Front Row
I will Wait
Do Not Disturb
Mama's Scream
Coffee Stains
Reality Check
Small Town Mistake

Ignition Remix
Ain't No Rest For The Wicked