Blake Powers & Fallon Franklin

Blake Powers & Fallon Franklin


Blake & Fallon invite you to experience a live show that blends elements of singer/songwriter, pop, rock, and blues genres. Come and see for your self how intimacy and energy can coexist, and be reminded why you love music – for its dynamic range of melody, emotion, and content… for its possibility.


Among the myriad of artists who have emerged from Austin in the last five years, few have generated more excitement among fans, critics, and industry insiders than Blake Powers & Fallon Franklin. Their live shows seamlessly blend elements of singer/songwriter, pop, rock, and blues genres. Formed in July of 2002, the band has already been recognized as a bright, creative force in Americana music with the release of their albums, Lines and Red Lights. They appear poised to assert themselves on the Pop and Rock scenes as well. The band’s unique sound results from its four diverse members.


Wasted Day (October 2006)
Live EP (Feb. 2005)
Lines (March 2004)
Red Lights (March 2004)

Set List

Selected tracks from Wasted Day, Lines, and Red Lights as well as any cover tunes that are appropriate for your event.