Blake Andison

Blake Andison


Blake Andison is a talented and resourceful singer-songwriter, whose songs cross genres and styles to produce a uniquely familiar kind of music. His thoughtful, profound lyrics team up with his soulful voice to create an emotional and genuine performance.


Blake is born and raised in the beautiful island town of Victoria, BC. He is a member and the chief singer-songwriter from the incredibly popular local band, Dayinthelife. For the first time in his career, Blake is taking the stage as a solo performer, showing off his incredible song writing talents and powerful acousic set. Blake has just come out of the studio to promote his new 14 track album, "Will Yesterday Fade Away." As evident on his album, Blake does not stick to one style of music as his influences are eclectic to say the least. These influences include: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, BB King, Talking Heads, Lucinda Williams, Johnny Cash, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Richie Havens, The Police, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Buena
Vista Social Club, and many more. Blake hopes to introduce the world to his songs.


Love You For a While

Written By: Blake Andison

You're on the scene
A beuaty queen
Everything you wear is so tight
A little tart with little heart
You're not too smart
But it's alright
Because your looks you can't contest
You are the best of all the rest in sight,
You got me on the brink and I can't think of anything but you all night


I don't even like you but you look so good,
And I can't control myself like I should,
You got no sense of humour but you got a sense of style,
Yeah I don't even like you but you look so good
I'll love you for a while

You're at the bar
Look like a star
I try so hard to catch your eye
But you won't bite my line tonight but it's alright I've got to try,
Cause that's the game you're not to blame
It is the same with every guy
And so I'll fish and make a wish that such a girl won't pass me by


A while x 4



You're Not Even Listening

Written By: Blake Andison

Neil Young wasn't always the best
But he always played from his heart
He never stood out at first from the rest
But he stuck to his guns from the start

Bobby Dylan he came to New York
An acoustic guitar in his hands
Not much of a singer but he had his songs
With words they'd soon understand


They played their hearts out for you
Playin their guitar
You weren't even listening to them
But caring wouldn't get them too far

Now I'm out here singing my songs
Hopin that someone will hear
But nobody really will listen too long
After they've downed a few beer

So I'll get up and sing for myself
I'll get up and play for my dear
That's right I'll get up and play from my heart
And play for a free pint of beer


I'm playin my heart out for you
Playin my guitar
You're not even listening to me
But caring wouldn't get me too far


So I guess I'll keep pluggin away
Playin my songs from the back of the bar
Who knows where it might take me someday
Who knows some day it might make me a star



Pourin my heart out for you
playin' with all of my soul
You're not even listening
Idon't give a damn

I'll keep playin my rock and roll
I'll keep playin my rock and roll
I'll keep playin

Ragin Rapid River

Written By: Blake Andison

Ridin down this river lord
Must I keep on fightin
Ridin down this river lord
Takin me out west
Goin to find my freedom
Goin to find salvation
Find somewhere to lay my head you know
Find somewhere to rest


Need somewhere to call my own
Until then I'm ridin on the breeze
Lord help me to find my way
Have mercy on me please
Day and night I'll keep on goin
Ragin Rapid River Rollin

The enemy's not far behind
Sleep with one eye open
To leave the enemy far behind
This is what I'm hopin
Without a home for way too long
This world's tough but it made me strong
Strong enough to sing my song
And sleep with one eye open



Day and night I'll keep on goin
Ragin rapid river rollin x3

Roll on, roll on, roll on and on and on...


Written By: Blake Andison

Sweet melody awakes me
I don't know the name
Who's playin?
Once upon a time is how it starts
In my heart
Oh yeah
And it's time for a fresh start
I'll be a little smarter
Maybe live to a ripe old age
Now that being said I'll probably lose my head and be the same
Oh yeah


In these memories before my time
Push me out to find my freedom
Point in time when I will cross the line
Let me Roll

I can hardly hold it
I'm getting clausterphobic in here
I fear
But my prison's my protection
As my hour of ressurection grows near
Oh yeah


...let me roll x 3

Moment of grace before
I show my face to the world again
Tryin to find my place a familiar face
You again, my friend
And I see it all again
For the very first time
This is almost as good as dyin'...
Now that I'm out from where I hid
I can't remember what I did before
Oh yeah


...let me roll x 9

Time to Rise up

Written By: Blake Andison

I'm servin it up
This tune that I'm holdin
This rhythm inside of me
Is now explodin
It's heatin me up
I'm hot from the inside
And I've got this feelin I can't hide

I'm layin it down
And I've got this notion
That this motion around's like an ocean of sound
And I'm drownin deep in the night
And the beginning is far out of sight

Cause all of this time
That's it's taken
Is leavin me stranded here
Lost and forsaken
But this foundation is soon to be shaken
This slumbering giant
Is soon to awaken

It's time to rise up
And take what is ours
And finally forgive
For the fall of the towers
It's time to move on
And rise like the sun
Cause the dawn of our destiny's
Only begun


This is the calm
Before the storm
We've gotta come out now
From where we were warm
Cause we have no choice
The time is now
We must raise our voice
Without worrying how

Cause all of this time
That it's taken
Has left us stranded here
Lost and forsaken
But this foundation
Is soon to be shaken
This slumbering giant
Is soon to awaken

Awaken x 2

Blame it on me

Written By: Blake Andison

Down and out
You're an emotional wreck
You put the nails in your coffin
You put the noose around your neck
It's the end on the world
When things aren't going your way
But you don't want to take the blame
So if somebody has to pay

You can blame it on me

You don't know why
Your sky is always grey
But you've got to get it out
To find what life's all about
Don't hold it in
Come let the healing begin
You can come at me swingin
I'll take it on the chin


You can blame it on me
If you want to
You can blame it on me
If you have to

You can blame it on me

And in the darkness of my night
Curl up to you to make it right
And in the darkness of your day
You can turn to me
I'll show you the way

(CHORUS) x 2

You can blame it on me x 3


"Will Yesterday Fade Away" Blake's brand new 14 track album set to be released in early '08.

Set List


Forty Days
Blame it on Me
Love you for a While
You're Even Listening
Head Over Heels
Stranger in Your Eyes
Time to Rise Up
Out By the Water
What is Left Within
Ragin' Rapid River
Pickin Up the Pieces
Will Yesterday Fade Away
I'm Golden


Neil Young - Harvest Moon, Out of the Blue, Heart of Gold, Out on the Weekend etc.

The Beatles - I'm So Tired, Here Comes the Sun, Get Back, Love Me Do, No Reply, etc.

Bob Dylan - Visions of Johanna, When the Ships Come in, All Along the Watchtower etc.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Comfortably Numb, Breathe, etc.

Johnny Cash - Hurt, Personal Jesus etc.
Elvis Costello - Watching the Detectives, Allison etc.
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Under the Bridge
Bob Marley - No woman, Stir it up, Get up etc.
Dire Straits - So Far, Man is Too Strong
Lucinda Williams - Essence, Change the Locks, Those 3 Days, etc.

The list goes on and on. Blake prides himself on his extensive list of cover songs