Blake & The Family Dog

Blake & The Family Dog


Americana Roots Rock Jam Band with an emphasis on the songwriting. Inspired by The Grateful Dead, Niel Young, and Ryan Adams.


“…. No gimmicks or props, just a mixture of accomplished musicians performing with authenticity.” – Talent In Motion magazine, Spring 2004

THE BAND: Blake Christiana and fellow band members Trevor McArthur (guitar, vocals), Tom Klein (bass), David Dodds (drums), Shane Spaulding (vocals), Michael Drexler (keyboards) have performed to an ever-growing number of fans since first hitting the Downtown New York City scene in October of 2002. Since then they’ve been regulars at venues like the Baggot Inn, The Lions Den and Sin-e, creating a buzz that’s getting hard to ignore.

“…. A vision of Americana roots rock that’s expansive beyond its members’ tender years.” – Time Out Magazine, July 15-22, 2004

THE MUSIC: Blake, Tom, Mike and Dave have all studied classical music as well as Jazz. All six band-members are accomplished musicians, sharing an intuitive approach to music while feeding off each other’s unique styles. Their musical influences range from Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead to Wilco and Ryan Adams, resulting in an addictive mix of refreshingly honest lyrics and down-to-earth Rock that has become the band’s trademark. In their own words their music is described best as “hometown feel meets big city talent” – and fans and critics alike agree.

“Blake & The Family Dog raises the bar on live performance,” says Talent In Motion magazine, and the Daily Gazette in Albany raves about the “superior songwriting and singing”. “We just want to play good, honest, real music”, comments bandleader and main songwriter Blake Christiana, “we don’t think that much about fitting into what’s out there and on the radio. It’s all about showing our fans a good time, while enjoying ourselves and sharing our experiences through our songs”. 30,000 hits per month on their website confirm that they’re accomplishing their goal. Through their frequent performances at the Baggot Inn Budweiser became aware of the band and included them in their 2004 “True Music” campaign, resulting in the live recording of a show.

THE RECORD: “Stolen Days” is the band’s first studio record, featuring 13 songs about the joys, dreams and struggles of real life in today’s America. Engineered by long-time friend Dan Kocen, “Stolen Days” offers great songwriting, poetic lyrics that touch our soul and accomplished musicianship that underscores instead of overshadows the stories that are told. The songs on “Stolen Days” describe everyday moments – some big, some small, but all of them real, and fully lived - inviting us to do the same.

Blake & The Family Dog continuously perform live in the New York City area, Upstate New York, Boston and Philadelphia. For tour dates, a full press kit and bookings please contact


Blake & The Family Dog - Stolen Days
Blake & The Family Dog - Live at The Baggot Inn (Budweiser)
Daydream - WKZE, Sharon, CT
Untitled Wave - WEQX, Manchester, VT
Women, Drugs, & Wine - Engage Internet Radio
The Road - CRUMBS Internet Radio

Set List

Don’t Break My Heart Again (Been Calling Your Name)
Empty Storefront
The Road
Darkened Day
The Angry Tree
Dear Momma
Bittersweet Co.
Ain’t That A Sin
Women, Drugs, & Wine
Little Ms. Sunday
Dynamic Joe
Big Green Ball

Our shows are about 16 - 20 songs and about 2 hours long. We occasionally do covers which include:

Don't Look Back in Anger (Oasis)
Friend of the Devil (Grateful Dead)
To Be Young (Ryan Adams)
Mr. Pitiful (Otis Redding)
Abilene (Les Brown)