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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop R&B





Bars, is a project put together by 2 of Dallas' hottest up and coming artists, Blake B. & G.White. As soon as you press play you'll experience nostalgia, as they worked to give you a chunk of the 90's hip-hop era with this great mixtape. This project is brought to you by House of Grind Records & V-Neck House Music Group. -

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When you talk about Dallas Hip Hop, or even Texas Hip Hop in general, it would be hard to not recognize Blake B & G. White out of Dallas, and their collaborative project and mixtape “Bars”. With tracks like “A King’s Blues”, “Starting Now”, “Texas”, and “Seven Fifty Eight”, most of their songs are thought provoking, and even better, self produced. There are a few songs produced by names like OgGhostRyder, Frozo, ACTooTrill. No lie, “Seven Fifty Eight” is a 100% banger to end off the mixtape.
Front to back, this project has a 100% true Texas feel, and most importantly it’s the Hip Hip that the South needs. Blake B. and G. White have alot to look forward too, and so the the fans of real Hip Hop. A true original mixtape filled with dope lyrics, and beats to compliment these 2 independent artists. The 90’s are back, Golden Era Hip Hop is alive in Texas!!! - @ughhblog


-Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been making Hip Hop?
-Born and raised in Dallas and been making music since jr. Year of high school. Besides rapping I grew up djing. @Blakeb_Sucker
– I was born Gerald White (hence the name G.White) I was born and resided in Dallas, Texas and have been making music for about 4 years now. @I_AmGWhite
-What influences you in making Hip Hop?
-Djing was a big part. Djs keep the mood. We could play a song and set any scene. I feel like every song I hear should make me feel something. @Blakeb_Sucker
-My main influences are 90s southern and east coast rap, Drake, J.Cole, Curren$y and Big Sean. I try to mix these distinct sounds together while adding my own G.White twist to it to make something incredible and original. @I_AmGWhite
-Describe your music, and what separates you from other MCs?
-What separates me from other rappers? I’m a artist. You should be able to just sit back and press play. Artist paint pictures, tell stories , sculp mountains etc. My music should make you see and feel what I’m feeling. It’s all emotions. Stuff I been thru and go thru. @Blakeb_Sucker
– My music represents whatever mood I’m in at the moment, I have a very laid back personality so I lean more toward slower production but I do have days that I want to make bangers and I also have days where I want to sing about women. If I had to describe me as an artist in one word I’d say versatile. @I_AmGWhite
-Who have you collaborated with? Who would you like to collab with in the near future?
– I don’t work with many. Honestly I don’t feel a lot of artist. If I have a feature with them or there on my project then that means I respect they grind. They art. I worked with G. White a lot for about a year and a half and it’s only getting better. I don’t wanna spoil it but I have a couple of joints on my personal mixtape from artist I grind with and some names growing buzz. I got a homie out of chi raq I’m working on a feature from. She prob the hottest young female from the chi spitting hard bars. In the future, Ima pray for a 3000 feature and Slick Rick collab. Guaranteed 90s Classic. I wanna work with cats from A$AP. @Blakeb_Sucker
-I have collaborated with over 20-30 artists in my career, many of them being multiple songs. I have a song called “Get This Dough”, with Dallas’ B.Hamp who made the famous “Ricky Bobby” dance and song. My ultimate goal would be to collaborate with Curren$y, BIG Krit, and Wiz Khalifa on one song, and eventually a song with Drake. @I_AmGWhite
-Your definition of “Underground Hip Hop”?
-You mean like real hip hop? A$AP Nast. Method man. Schoolboy. Sweatshirt. Carter 3. Snoop Cube UGK. @Blakeb_Sucker
-Underground hip hop is music that is stripped of the commercialized gimmicks, it’s raw and passionate. Underground hip hop usually is more relatable to the average fan than most mainstream hip hop, everybody isn’t rich and flipping bricks. @I_AmGWhite
-Production wise, who are your influences? Who does your production? And who would you like to work with?
– I mean there’s some cats that straight out there. Biggest problem for me is I would have to sit down with a producer one on one to show him my vision. You can send me a beat with a regular 16 but that’s all you get. 16 material quality. I think the biggest influence on productions for me have to be producers from the 90s. If I could get pharrel and Swiss to co producer on a beat I make its gold. Bars was produced by G. White, Og Ghostryda ( and me. Og and I do basically all my production. We run a label V-Neck House Music Group. We make classics. @Blakeb_Sucker
-Production wise, BIG Krit and J.Cole are my biggest influences because they take the time to create their whole projects from the ground up and created their own sound by producing for themselves like I do at times. My main producers are, Lambeau, Draven (Formerly DJ2LOW) and Frozo (Formerly Iceman). Eventually I’d like to work with Drake’s producer, 40, Boi-1-Da, Cardo Got Wings, and Thelonius Martin. @I_AmGWhite
-Any current or future projects you are promoting?
-I know G. Is working on a mixtape he is pushing out in waves or something. Besides Bars I can’t speak to much of future projects. But I can say this. 15/16 you are really gonna know Blake b. @Blakeb_Sucker
-I am currently working on a new EP which I haven’t titled yet that will be out 4th quarter of 2015 as well as a music video for my hit single, “Fire”, coming very soon. As far as collaboration projects me and Blake B. just put out our project titled, “Bars”, for all of the 90s hip hop fans. @I_AmGWhite
-Can you give us a brief description of the creative process of BARS? Also/ tell us a little bit about the concept and idea behind your Mixtape Cover Art.
-When G. And I met it originally started with a idea. Honestly been wanting to do a project like this for a min. I heard Gs Mixtape in a week and knew it was on. Young dude was the exact person I was looking for to help tag on this. We sat up in my apt trying to figure what we gone do. G played a beat for me. Some trap joint ( don’t always care for them but I eat em). When I finished my verse and he finished his, he started spitting ” toldem Ima get it no matter what. I’m the coldest in the city “……after that I knew were to take this mixtape. We sampled classic joints, listed personal goals on songs Etc. What went from a 8 track mixtape to 17 bars of classics. This is a mixtape you can play straight thru no next no bull. You can’t jump on bars if you ain’t spitting them. The cover speaks for its self “90s classics bars “.@Blakeb_Sucker
– Blake and I are both very big fans of music of the 90s from the hip hop all the way to the R&B and some of the pop. We wanted to bring the feel of the 90s sound and mesh it with modern drum sounds and production ideas. The sequel to “Bars” is currently being worked on as well. @I_AmGWhite
-Where can we find your music and info?
Check me out on the web., Twitter: @Blakeb_Sucker
You can visit me at my official website, Twitter: @I_AmGWhite, IG: g_white, Facebook: G.White (Gerald White III)
-Any shout outs?
-GOD first and for most. That’s a always and forever. Shout out to yall for taking the time to check me out. Dallas let’s work. My producer. My Fam. @Blakeb_Sucker
-First and foremost shout out to God for blessing me with the talent to do what I do, shout out to my family for helping to invest in me and my career and believing in me, shout out to those who truly want to see me be successful and are genuine with me. And last but not least shout out to the artists, media outlets, and DJs that never took me seriously and blew me off. Success will be great without you. @I_AmGWhite - Underground Hip Hop


Still working on that hot first release.



Dallas Hip Hop has never sounded the same. Blake B commits to an artistic style that many can digest, regardless of the pain. His music is a timeless classic, and has gritted bars and a profound sound like no other.

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