Blake Braswell

Blake Braswell


My influences range from traditional Celtic and bluegrass, to classic rock and folk. I fit in well with venues that love Americana music. My goal is to have the audience connect with me and say "I want to sit down and have a beer with that guy."


I've spent years performing on stage as a professional union actor. During that time I've had amazing experiences working with wonderful artists on stage. As much as I loved the theatre, it was always music that was my true passion. There has always been a soundtrack playing in my head. It's now that I've decided to take that stage experience with theatre, and my ability to form a relationship with an audience, and put that together with my music. It's my belief that the audience needs to get a sense of who you are. I want to perform on stage and have people think: "I bet that guy is great to sit down and have a beer with".

Set List

My sets tend to be a bit over two hours. I could easily put together three. I'll list an hour long set:

The Music's Always Louder - by Blake Braswell
Wild Rover - Traditional Irish
Ophelia - by The Band
Whistles the Wind - by Flogging Molly
Wild Mountain Thyme - tradtional
Whisky Fairy - by Blake Braswell
Green and Gray - by Nickel Creek
Don't Mean a Damn Thing - by Blake Braswell
How Do You Love Me - by Blake Braswell
Ohio - by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Brakeman's Blues - by Jimmie Rodgers
Wayside Back in Time - by Gilian Welch
POV - by Blake Braswell
You're an Angel and I'm Gonna Cry - by Chris Thile