Blake Carpenter

Blake Carpenter

 Los Angeles, California, USA

I write from my soul. If you took Johnny Cash, Coldplay and Radiohead... You have me. I dont know my genre, so I created my own. I am, Me. I am unique. I was born to entertain you. My music is real. I don't intend on giving you something fake, or a trend. I'd rather give you something bigger.


Blake Carpenter’s ear-catching music is rooted in Rock, Experimental, and Western but also features forays into acoustic realms. The rich textures and emotionally potent songs crafted by Carpenter are a testament to the overflowing talent of this artist. Listeners are absorbed into a world of musical bliss with Carpenter’s aural treats.


The ultimate high for Carpenter is making that magical connection that occurs when a truly gifted artist shares his work with a rapt audience. “There is never a better feeling than playing your own music on stage in front of many people.” Music is the fuel for Carpenter’s soul, the source of his passion for life. “Music is what keeps me going and how I express what I would like to say to the world.” Music keeps Carpenter’s spirit charged and enables him to connect with his audience.

The Human Heart

What better source of inspiration than the human heart? For that matter, doesn’t all music come down to the soul of a person? “I write songs about life, love, my dreams, my goals.” Carpenter deftly presents the emotion and passion of the human in his songs, offering up songs that smartly articulate ideas in common to all people. It’s one of the sources of his irresistible appeal as a musician.

The Artist at Work

“My biggest gig was playing at the famous Balineese room in Galveston Texas.” Carpenter pulled in a large crowd for that show but no matter the crowd size, it’s always an enthusiastic crowd. Plans are in order for touring later in California and he has announced that he is more than halfway through work on a double CD album, to be part acoustic, part full instrumentation. Carpenter is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Blake Carpenter is equally at home wowing us with rock energy and pulling us in with intimate acoustic performances.” – A&R Select


Currently Recording.

Set List

I have about 10-12 songs on the album I am working on. The set lists constantly change, and I sometimes throw in a cover or two stylized to my liking.