Blake Griffith

Blake Griffith


2 songwriters turned audio engineers play interesting live shows with great songs. Sounds of catchy melodies can be heard between technical compositions.


Eric and Blake Have been friends since childhood. As kids they were in bands together but, were eventually separated when Blake went to school. Eventually Blake came back again and on one coincidental night the reunited again. They went to audio engineering school and became great friends again. They had always played music together but never seriously. But one day when Blake asked Eric to sing on one of his songs, Miscela was born. Once they had recorded several songs, they decided to make it a live act. They recruited their buddy Anthony, a drummer from MI, and bought MAC laptops equipped with Ableton to start a new kind of rock show. Since then, Miscela has been playing an eclectic brand of rock where ever they can.


I hate Valentine's Day

Written By: Blake Griffith

I hate Valentine's day
and even if you say you agree
there's just no way.. (x2)

So I'll just say
Forget the cards
Forget the flowers
None of that shit really matters

its just one big excuse for something you should do everyday
You shouldn't have to have a reason to do it if you're as committed as you say..

and even though I hate valentines Day.. (x2)

Don't hate me (x2)


First release due out Spring of 2008 followed by side project release. Knitting Ram Records

Set List

-I wanna sex you up
-Girl U want
-Low and Behold
-The Holy referendum

Length: 20-25 minutes