Blake Henley

Blake Henley

 Longmont, Colorado, USA

I write songs about things I have seen and done. Focus more on the lyrics and instrumental than singing in hopes that I'm telling a story worth hearing not listening to.


I've lived an exciting life I guess you could say. Raised a normal privileged middle class kid who was drawn towards non conformity. Went to college for baseball got kicked out and moved to CO. A serious of bad choices landed me in the hands of the law on a couple of occasions and eventually in rehab. Got straight and have been writting songs about my life and things I have seen. Would stick my music in any one genre because my biggest influences are Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen, Neil Young, Lyle Lovette, Jack Johnson, and Kris Kristofferson


Hill Country Dreams

Written By: Blake Henley

A smoky room of stagnant dreams forms silhouettes of grey
The Devils voice rings in my head with every lighter flame
A soulless man whose faith is lost in every hit he takes
Seeks truth in pipes that promise past escapes from present day

I’m getting stoned and droving through the desert in my mind
Hill country dreams dance in the wind they fill that Texas sky
I’m getting stoned and prey for grace when my life passes by
Hill country dreams dance in the wind across my hollow eyes

I stumble through a life of haze not known where I am
It makes it hard to find a friend who truly gives a damn
An empty shell my mind is gone I buried it in the sand
My demons hands are reaching out for his promise land


I see the light I talk to God he tells me to repent
I pull myself up off that floor and light a cigarette
I’m gonna stop and change my ways after one last hit
Living fast ain’t living right it’s not in me to quit


Lake Front Sky

Written By: Blake Henley

Lone stars fill the sky
On a cloudy summers night
There light shines through and it dances on the lake

Sitting on the dock
I contemplate my thoughts
Wondering why I ever left his place

I’m twenty-two years old
I don’t have much to show
Just the scars on my body and the tattoos on my skin

I wondered far away
From the hills and the Texas plains
To the beaches out West then the Rocky Mountain Range

I tried to run away from my past
I could not find a place to relax
That helped to ease my soul

Turned to my family
When the Lakefront sky helped me to see
That no matter what I may believe
No Star is all alone

Tackle by my side
Worm hanging off my line
My minds on the water and where to cast my bait

My troubles slip away
On the end of the cast I make
Sinkin down through the water being cleansed then wash away

A cool breeze comes along
And it wraps me in its arms
Turn my eyes to the night so I’d see the clouds were gone

I walk into the house
My families laughing loud
I thank God for my life and the love that brought me home