Blake Henley

Blake Henley

 Round Rock, Texas, USA

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I'm Alright

Written By: Blake Henley

I.Another day has come and gone
so I celebrate the Sun with smoke and whiskey.
I got no cash and I live alone
cause solitudes the only way I know.
To keep myself from plots and schemes
which end with heart ache; and broken dreams.

I'm alright until the day turns into night
When thoughts run wild through my brain
But you'll never find yourself
Until your not afraid to be somebody else

II.We'll my generations only cause
is talking bout what we'll do in the future.
And the only skill that I've acquired
is learning how to say that I'll do better
So if time is all that I control, tomorrow is the day
I’ll get it; all togetherr.


III.We'll I found a place where I can drink
with a local band who plays some cover songs.
And it's only Tuesday night
I hope that's why, nobody else would come along.
But the bar it serves till 2 am
and I bet by then I'll make a friend to; help me get back home.


Good Country Song

Written By: Blake Henley

I. He drives and old beater
No AC or Heater
It just barely get him to town.
His job ain’t worth having
And just like his cabin
There both headed straight for the ground.

But he can hold down a bar stool
And act like a damn fool
Cause his expectations ain’t high.
He’s had habits and kicked em
But he ain’t no victim
Just a dude trying to get by.

C. He ain’t a quitter, but he damn sure quit trying.
He don’t care what you selling, he just knows he ain’t buying.
And he’s not paranoid there just all out to get him.
His dog ran away and his old lady quit him.
He’s the stuff of a good Country Song.

II. He cranks up a tape
Of the Red Headed Stranger
And pops him a beer for the ride.
He’s reliving memories
Of his younger day
Before battle scars and ex wives.

He had dreams of big purses
Now he just curses
The years that he spent riding bulls.
His kids they don’t know him
But he’s still trying to show em
They mean more than just monthly dues.

III. His bodies breaking
And constantly aching
From years of neglect and abuse.
His opinions ain’t changing
Cause Uncle Sam betrayed him
And Vietnam showed him the truth.

He’s got nothing in savings
Or pass down when he fades
Accept for some guns from his pa.
So he heads back to his home
When all of the bars close
And sits with a beer all alone.