Blake Olvera

Blake Olvera

 Plano, Texas, USA

Blake Olvera performs a 60’s sound of peace and love with an updated approach of the realities of today.


Allow me introduce myself... My name is Blake Olvera and I am a sixteen year old musician/songwriter living in Plano, Texas.. Im a junior at Plano West High School. Music is my passion and I write and perform my own music along with my current favorites from other great bands or singers. Music is in my DNA... I was born in the music rich area of the San Francisco Bay Area.. home for some of the best groups like Green Day, Journey, Doobie Brothers, Metallica, Grateful Dead, to name a few.. Music is a way of life for me.. My house is always full of music and I also participate in my school marching band. I play Trombone, Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica,Percussion and learning now to play the Piano. I have performed live at several venues in Dallas, Liverpool, London, Las Vegas, Hull, and in the San Francisco Bay Area. I enjoy also playing at small parties as well as performing on the streets. I have also appeared on Balcony TV London.. My new EP is titled Wonder and you can buy it through iTunes, and other music shops.


"Wonder " Ep

Set List

Set List from 1/9/2010
(55 minutes)

Hey Soul Sister (Cover) ukulele
All My Loving (Cover) ukulele
When I see you smile (Original)
Say It Ain't So (Original)
Forget Her (Original)
Big City Dreams (Cover)
Summer Love (Original)
Wonder (Original)