Blake Thomas

Blake Thomas


At just 23 years old Blake Thomas is the MAMA (Madison Area Music Award) winning "Best Male Vocalist" of 2005. At the same time he's writing songs that have been compared, lyrically, to those of Townes Van Zandt, David Gray, Bob Dylan & Merle Haggard.


Blake started out playing in a folk band when he was 17 around the bars in Minneapolis. At 18 he moved to Chicago to become the next great American songwriter... then to Milwaukee, Minneaplis, Duluth, Boston, Minneapolis (again), Milwaukee (again). Blake then moved to Madison, WI on New Years Eve 2003 to begin work with the first band he'd played with since high school: Blake Thomas & The Downtown Brown. The group consisted of four other members: TJ Pedriana (Piano), Jeff Bail (Bass), Shauncey Ali (Violin), and Justin Kunesh (Drums). The five musicians all lived together in a house located near the UW Madison football stadium. In 2005 they released, Real Like Theater, Blake's first album in years, that was met with great reviews. Blake also won the MAMA (Madison Area Music Award) for "Best Male Vocalist" in 2005 as well as playing well over a hundred dates. Blake is currently working on a new record, due in April 2006, and, in the meantime, continues to play every Monday night at Brocach Irish Pub with Shuancey Ali and pedal steel player Adam Davis.


2005 (Album): Real Like Theater

Set List

Sometimes I play hour long sets of my music alone, sometimes I play three hours and do a lot more covers. Sometimes it's with a full band. Sometimes it's stripped down to Guitar/Vocal & Viola.

Our Songs:
Body Of Water
Wee Small Hours
That's How You Get To Be Free
40 Minutes
If I Only Knew How
Anyone Tonight
Tip Of Your Tongue
I Wanna Leave Again
On Grand Street
Nuthin' New
Again & Again
Hardly In Tune

...and others...


Hank Williams
Bob Dylan
Patty Griffin
Townes Van Zandt
Loretta Lynn
Bruce Springsteen
Elliott Smith