take a little 80's rock and some bluses some metal,mix it with a fresh new rock sound built for the 21 century.great riffs+great vocals=great new music! exciting show that keeps everyone on there feet,groovin to the beat.van halen meets bls meets motley crue=blakjak


here's the story,a bunch of guys tired of playin the same old tunes, gettin together to create something upbeat and new.straight ahead 70's, 80's rock{think ac/dc,van halen,zeppelin} with a splash of bluses as the under lying beat.WE WILL MAKE YOU GROOVE!! we like to call it' KRUNCHY BLUSES' it's all about rock-n- roll and havin fun! it's that simple!


1-14 track cd called jakked 2 - live dvd called live at the whisky a go go and live dvd from starland ballroom with buckcherry ,we have been pod casted several times

Set List

covers- smokin in the boys room - motley crue -cat scratch fever-nugent,crazy little thing called love-queen,look what the cat dragged in-posion, sweet home alabama - skynard dirt on the grave-bls hot for teacher-van halen man in the box-alice in chains originals-jersey boy,wastin my time,aint so bad,wonder why,acid mountain,on your knees,jakked,old man-one shoe and you,good life,all hells breakin loose,takin care of business,alright,heavy metal bluses,kitty-kitty,snatched