Blaknote combines accessible, hook/riff driven modern rock with tasteful musicianship and radio-friendly arrangements.


While always mindful of current trends and sounds in contemporary rock music, Blaknote is never bound to those elements; rather the band showcases their musicianship and cultivated collective voice - finding harmony with the status-quo. This attention to detail, yet independence is what sets the band apart from most of its contemporaries.

In late 2005, what would become the core of Blaknote formed from Sfumato; combining brothers and musical collaborators Rob Sprowl (vocals) and Aaron Sprowl (guitar) with longtime friends Rick Luna (bass) and John Snyder (drums). Guitarist Aaron Smith was added in 2007 to round out the band's complex sound. Soon after forming, Blaknote produced and recorded the 5-song EP entitled The Pro Digital Sessions and spent the remainder of 2005 supporting the effort within the tri-state area (Indiana, Ohio, Illinois).

In 2006 Blaknote was able to achieve several career milestones. The band made it to the semi-final round of Zippo's 2006 Hot Tour and headlined the Mountain Dew/Miller Lite Original Rock Stage at Summerfest 2006 in Milwaukee, WI. Later that year, Blaknote was featured on Fox 59 Television (Fox Network, Indianapolis) multiple times; including on-air performances and featurettes. Blaknote also landed the headlining spot at the 2006 Hardees/Live Nation "Stage Fright" Halloween Concert Series at Verizon Wireless Music Center (Noblesville, IN).

In 2007 Blaknote returned to the studio to produce and record their full-length, debut CD entitled Conflict and Compromise; a 10 song album that allowed the group's musicianship and unique collective voice to fully flourish. Blaknote added several more highlights to their resume with appearances on Fox Morning News, a television performance on NBC's "Live on Stage" (Fort Wayne, IN) and a featured spot in Activision's "Rock Tour Tycoon" video game for PC computer systems.

The future looks bright for Blaknote as plans for 2008 include recording a follow-up CD to Conflict and Compromise, as well as expand their touring schedule. The band is actively seeking professional management and working with local and regional venues to secure opening slots for national acts.


Rock Tour Tycoon (Activision PC Game) - 2007
Conflict & Compromise - 2007 CD
The Pro Digital Sessions - 2005 EP

Set List

Blaknote performs up to 60 minutes of original music only. The band is currently supporting their 2007 debut full-length CD "Conflict and Compromise".

"Conflict and Compromise" set list:

1. Prelude To Peace
2. Relatively Calm
3. Inch or 2
4. Insurgence
5. Compromise
6. My Parade
7. Conflict
8. Forward Pay
9. Throw The Weight
10. S.M.W.
11. Temptation
12. Sweet
13. Candy Faces