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We are Blak.Ops.Connections a band/production group from Detroit. We have existed since 1999 in good standing. Feel free to visit


We are Blak.Ops.Connections a band/production group from Detroit. We have existed since 1999 in good standing and we are pleased to offer the best in original diverse production. We excel in many different genres but we are grounded in pop, dance, jazz, hip-hop, reggae, caribbean, soul, rhythm and blues, and inspirational/gospel. We formed Blak.Ops.Connections to promote diverse music instead of only an image. Simply, we are humble, authentic, original, and look forward to presenting at many venues, festivals, clubs, and other opportunities.

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Song of the Year
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October 2005-March 2006
Blak.Ops.Connections featuring
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BlakOpsfeaturingShortyIRollWeRide 64k 32k 10.00x Rap
These songs from Blak.Ops.Connections represent our collaborations that will be featured in a compilation. We are currently allowing the public to determine which of our material will be featured. Contact us for more information.

July 2005-October 2005
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Affiliated with the Detroit Recreation Department since 2001


Black Diamond

Written By: Joli/Tymm Oblique

Verse 1
Oh how wonderful
Together life would be
Me and you you and me
Love and loveliness
To exceed to the path of our boundaries
Of our hearts for infinity

My black diamond shining
So bright
Shining through the night (the night) 2x

Verse 2
We both have grown to be mature
Mentally with age time has made pave the way
We decided to play life's game beyond reality
Let's shoot to the moon
To see if our friendship will go far beyond
To reach a distint place


Chorus and Out

Copyright 2006 Blak.Ops.Connections

Keep Faith

Written By: Lamar/Tymm Oblique

Verse 1
We made our minds up
and changed our attitudes
From worse to better now
we know what we wanna do
We striving for positive
Leaving negative behind
We guiding this world with our
Faith, Heart, Soul, and mind

Just if we keep faith
And dont give in
We will run this race
until we win
Cause we know the limit
is beyond the sky

We can do anything if we work and try


Verse 2
Sometimes it seems as if
All hope is gone
Before you begin your day
Already seems wrong
Depair wont last for long
Cause we got the key
To open up our hearts and mind
And let faith set us free



Can you see me
coming pass the finish line (I see you)

I used to be down
I used to be

I coming pass the finish line



Written By: BlakOps/Oblique

No lyrics this is an instrumental.

Feels So Good

Written By: BlakOps/Ominous

Aye! Popi doesnt feel so good
all that overtime
Just Cmon sit back and relax


At The End of The day
Working Overtime (All That Time)
I'm Glad To Say
It's Nightime
And It Feels So Good, And It Feels So Good-2x

Aye! Doesn't It Feel Good To Relax
Here Lay Down Take this bubble bath and let that corporate work go away.

The Boss off my back
Getting picked up to hit the spot
That kiss on my cheek
Getting that vacation extended release

Break-ad lib


I've been working
I keep going on and on
i dont mind earning but this is too much
See its nightime, time to relax, time to let go
and when we let go it just feels so good it is just that simple.


Written By: BlakOps/Shorty


What Up Yall What we have bee

Finally its time for me to take a stand
Man seems like I been waiting for a chance every since we use to breakdance
When we use to shake hands and now we say whats happenin
Way back when MCs were rappin
Way back when our shoes was no names now its Nikes and Tims
We rolled bikes now its cars and rims


Written By: BlakOps/Ominous


Its Going Down (ad lib)

How Is It Really Going Down
Its Going Down like this (Repeat)

Its Going Down (ad lib)

I know the ladies feel the flex
They feel the flex like this (Repeat)

Like this (going, going) (Repeat)


I know the fellas feel the flex
They feel the flex like this (Repeat)


Chorus and out


Written By: BlakOps/Ominous


This is about (ladies are you feeling this).
The music (fellas are you feeling this) Repeat 2x


Move your sneakers
Blast your speakers
move your sneakers
blast your speakers 2x

Ladies are you feeling this
Fellas are you feeling this 2x

It Time to introduce the world to the flex
Style when it rocks its bound to snap necks 2x
From hip-hop, head-boobin groove to move
Hype music utensils from the city of groove 2x (Now move)

Move, Move, Move, Move
Now Blast, Blast, Blast, Blast

Chorus 2x
Bridge 2x

Verse 2
Tracks we incinerate hits we innovate 4x
Tracks we incinerate hits we innovate ladies grab those fellas there is no time to wait 2x

chorus 2x
bridge 2x

verse 3
This is how we rock in the city of rims
Brown and black tims and hypocritical hymns 4x



Written By: BlakOpsfeaturingOminousandOblique



Written By: BlakOps/Ominous

Are you Ready Dont Stop Now ad lib


Written By: BlakOps/Ominous

Chorus Intro-Its going down
Verse-How is it really going down its going down like this 4x
Chorus-It going down
Verse 2-I know the ladies feel the flex they feel the flex like this 4x
Bridge-Like This (going, going)
Verse 3-I know the fellas feel the flex they feel the felx like this 4x
Break Down-Feel The Flex (feel the flex) Feel The Flex like this
Verse 1 Bridge Chorus and Out



Koren Washington-The Experiment (Vol.1-Vol 3.)-2003, 2004, 2005

Stealth Calm 2-2003

Stealth Calm-2001

Blak.Ops.Connections has also been involved in affiliated many other CDs throughout the industry.

Set List

Blak.Ops.Connections Set List

Various Pop, Urban, Jazz, Soul cover tunes such as Motown, Classic Top 40, modern Top 40, and hip-hop, Reggae, Soca, Calypso, and Inspirational

Sets are usually 2-3 45 minute sets or 1-2 60 minute sets. Shows vary and can last from 30 minutes to all night to satisfy the club/bar/venue hours.

Well over 18 cover songs and 12 orignial songs per show.