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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B




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Blak Sunz have been known in the past by Lemonade Stand, Off The Heezay, Up To No Good, Million Dollar Hunt, Baby In Your Belly, South Park.Gangsta Limp and many more. A good few of these were performed on or with Jenny Jones, Austin Music Network, DMD, Ghetto Boys, Zero, and Birdman. 88.7 KAZI is currently playing songs of ours such as You Make Me Feel, Call My Name, Marrige Material, Don't Let Nobody Stop You, Strawberry Girl, and Today Is a Bad Day. I'm a Bad Motha...Watch Yo Mouth was recently released and is upfor sale on also available there are sample songs.



once upon a time I was living in the hood of St. Johns grinding trying to make ends meet when my homeboy Class came to me and said lets get into the music business. So we started investing in studio time and actually performed in the SXSW music festival back in 1989 the same year we created the Blak Sunz. Through the years we have seen members come and go but the Blak Sunz have never stopped to this very day even after losing memebers to gun play, hood crimes, jealousy, homelessness, it doesn't matter we've seen it all! I could've persued college but had a son and decided to stay behind to raise my new family. Raising kids isn't just what you can give them financially it's about what you can give them mentally. I enjoy kids so much I am currently expecting twins in Feb. 2012 they will be numbers 9 & 10. I'm trying to change the world here it'll be easier if everyone thought like me. LOL! I want the world to hear us just because I feel like we can touch someone with each 1 of our songs. Having 1 of my sons as one of our producers, & daughters who sing really makes me believe we can change the world through our music because I know they feel the same way I do. We want people to hear our songs, invision our lyrics and think "Wow I'm not alone" or "Hmm... I can do this, nothing can stop me" We don't just want to be locally known WE WANT THE WORLD!!! We know if the world hears us EVERYONE will have been touched in some way. Our members have come from all walks of life and all ages the young keep the veterans fresh and our vets schooll the young. We don't care what their past is as long as you're bringing something to the table and hungry for success. We are the type of people who embrace their fears andface them then we go turning rocks over looking for something else to conquer.