Blame Bertsch

Blame Bertsch

 Covington, Kentucky, USA

Blame Bertsch is an acoustic/percussive duo hailing from the greater Cincinnati area. Their blend of rock, country, and folk in an acoustic environment mixed with percussion and melodic harmonies makes their sound unique. Check out



Gary Bertsch: vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion, harmonica

Dan Walsh: backing vocals, lead guitar, slide guitar, bass

Gary Bertsch and Dan Walsh have been performing in the Northern KY/greater Cincinnati area for over 15 years. They have brought their musical talents together to form Blame Bertsch. Their influences include: The Band, Little Feat, Tom Petty, REM and The Black Crowes. Their acoustic/percussive music is inspiring and soulful with story telling as they mix traditional rock and roll with folk and a splash of country to form their unique sound. Bill Thompson of WNKU had this to say about their new release, "The CD shows that Bertsch has learned his folk-rock lessons well. He harmonizes nicely with Walsh, who adds spicy slide licks on multiple tracks." Blame Bertsch has performed at Summerfair Cincinnati, the Browngrass Festival in Rabbit Hash, KY and at the Alexandria Fair Kickoff Celebration concert.



Written By: Gary Bertsch

I can see no other way
listen to me what I say
Your life it means too much to me
Now I will take you home

Don't throw away what you have
Life's a mix it's sometimes sad
And now you've come so very far
And I will take you home

Home in your heart
Home where we start

Now I can see another way
Listen to me what I say
You now live life so very tall
And you can take me home

Fog Burning

Written By: Gary Bertsch

There's some fog down in the valley

There's some fog down by the sea

If I ever reach that city

This fog is gonna burn down deep

Here's an angel she will protect me

And another will be my guide

If I stumble on my journey

These angels won't let me die

Please tell my wife that I love her

Please tell my kids I love them too

But this journey I must go after

Until I find what's coming due

Now I'm walking with some courage

And my feet are staying true

but my legs they are a hurting

I know my heart will follow through

Upon this hill the city is shining

Upon this hill all is so bright

But my nerves they are a tightening

I just pray I'm doing right

Good Finder

Written By: Gary Bertsch

You rock you roll you know what’s good for soul

You rock you roll you know what’s good for soul

Your heart is pure you never will withhold

You rock you roll you know what’s good for soul

Your patience shows

How love can grow

Into this high…cause you’re a good finder

Your smile is food for all open minds

Your smile is food for all open minds

Your heart is strong and you pay back in kind

Your smile is food for all open minds

The sun is shining, on my mind

We’re good finding, some kind of sign

Davey Boy

Written By: Gary Bertsch

Davey wants to set the world on fire, he's got these deep desires

But mama's hand is on the fuse, now Davey has got to choose

All right, all right

Family's holding tight to him, saying be smart don't go on a whim

But Davey's got his walking shoes, just wanting to play those blues

All right, all right

When the world comes crashing in, and the preacher says it's a sin

to live the way that boy lives, all Davey wants to do is give

All right, all right

Now Davey's fightin' all his demons, up at night he's really thinning

Like some old washed up has been, mama please turn to him

All right, all right

Well this tale is still unfolding, mama's back in the kitchen

Davey Boy's rockin' and rollin', figuring it's got to be

All right, all right

Wreck on the Highway

Written By: D. Dixon

Who did you say it was brother?
Who was it fell by the way?
When whiskey and blood run together
Did you hear anyone pray?

I didn't hear nobody pray, dear brother
I didn't hear nobody pray
I heard the crash on the highway
But, I didn't hear nobody pray.

When I heard the crash on the highway
I knew what it was from the start
I went to the scene of destruction
And a picture was stamped on my heart.

There was whiskey and blood all together
Mixed with glass where they lay
Death played her hand in destruction
But I didn't hear nobody pray.

I wish I could change this sad story
That I am now telling you
But there is no way I can change it
For somebody's life is now through.

Their soul has been called by the Master
They died in a crash on the way
And I heard the groans of the dying
But, I didn't hear nobody pray.


Blame Bertsch
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Set List

Set order and song-list change each performance according to the venue and audience. A typical set is approximately 45 mins but can be adapted for longer performances.