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Whether performing a show, leading in worship or sharing music they have written, I am certain they will both entertain and inspire. Their folksy sound is approachable and their stage presence will endear you to them right away! All of that is good but becomes even better when you add the faith and stories these teens have to tell. I recommend Blameless Child whole-heartedly. - Rich Kirkpatrick/ Worship leader and Associate Pastor at Neighborhood Church of Redding, CA


G-D on High - 2006 - Indie - Good Shepherd Studio

1. Blameless Child - lyrics and music written by
Liz, Sam & Beth Bashor

2. Break These Chains - lyrics written by Heather Bashor - music by Liz Bashor

3. Different - lyrics and music by Liz, Sam & Beth Bashor

4. G-D on High - lyrics and music by Liz, Sam & Beth Bashor

5. The Tune - lyrics and music by Liz & Beth Bashor

6. Home In that Rock - American Folk song - arrangement - Liz, Beth & Sam Bashor

7. Darla - lyrics and music by Liz, Sam & Beth Bashor



At a young age Liz, Beth, and Sam formed the band Blameless Child. They began their quest out of an urgent desire to call public attention to an incurable disease called Machado Joseph Disease ( Liz, Beth & Sam's favorite Aunt Darla had this fatal genetic disorder, and the teens watched their aunt suffer unbearably from this disease for many years.

A few months after their Aunt Darla died; Knowing the power of God and wanting to help others who have Machado Joseph Disease - Liz, Beth and Sam wrote their first song, "Blameless Child" and made their first CD as an exemplary effort to call attention to Machado Joseph Disease and vent their frustration in a positive way.

As life evolves so did the band - as they wrote and played music together Liz, Beth and Sam realized they had a message to spread. "Hard stuff can make you stronger. It is easy to focus in on yourself and ask why me??? All three of us have experienced this... But GOD has shown us we had to get up, get over it, and use what we have learned to help other people - you can too - with Jesus' help - all things are possible!"

Blameless Child has incorporated a Christian/folk rock/ sound to much of our music and we enjoy playing the oldies from the 50's & 60's as well... We believe in audience participation and energy...

The dedicated siblings write their own songs and music with passion to the LORD. Growing up in the church has influenced their song writing as they often joined their father (who is a Pastor) lead worship services.

Elizabeth (Liz) is 17 years old and loves music . She has studied piano, flute, and guitar. She studied voice under Trish Harris of Redding, CA. Liz was a member of the NorthStar Opera Theater in Redding, CA and played “Barbarina” in the opera The Marriage of Figaro. Liz feels fortunate to have had these experiences, however, her desire and passion is to honor God with her music. "Playing guitar and playing in a band is so awesome I feel so blessed to being doing what I love to do!"

Bethany (Beth) is 15 years old and has studied piano, drums, bass, and has taken voice lessons from Trish Harris, of Redding, CA. . Beth was in the chorus of the opera "The Marriage of Figaro" under the direction of the Waterbury’s’ of Redding, CA. Beth has her own unique style of playing bass, she's on fire for the LORD and has an in your face attitude when "people sit and feel sorry for themselves" she loves playing music for GOD!

Samuel (Sam) is 16 years old writes lyrics, sings vocals, and is very artistic. He has been playing the drums for two years. Sam feels fortunate to worship GOD with his sisters and wants to spread a message of hope to all
who will listen!