Blame Shift

Blame Shift


The highly explosive Long Island based hard rock band, Blameshift, released their much-anticipated new album, The Test, May 1, 2007. The 11-track self-release is the culmination of a year of hard work by the band in 2006, and poises them to break through in 2007


Can't Stop Productions
99 Syosset Circle Syosset, NY 11791


*Blameshift is a four-piece, Long Island-based, original hard rock male/female fronted band.

*Their new album, The Test, was produced by Michael Birnbaum and Chris Bittner (Coheed and Cambria, The Sleeping) and released May 1, 2007.

*Within just the last year, Blameshift has toured the US for nearly 6 months. Working unbelievably hard, they were able to successfully book, promote and complete two full East Coast Tours and a Mid-West/Southeast/East coast Tour. Last summer their bus took uthem from PA to Chicago to Louisiana and Florida then back. After 40 days on the road they finished the tour off with three dates on the Warped Tour 2006.

*This summer they will be touring the full US, 27states from east to west coasts. They leave again in mid September for another full US tour in support of thier new album. Look for them on a few Warped Tour dates as well.

*Blameshift has shared the stage with Bullet for my Valentine, Amber Pacific, ZebraHead, Tokyo Rose, Houston Calls, Domeshots, Socratic, Senses Fail, Vaeda and many others

* One of the Top Unsigned Bands, Alternative Press July 2007

* Received the Cover of Goodtimes Magazine - May 2007

*Ranked as one of’s top ten selling local artists nationally.

*Sponsored by Sam Ash Music Stores and Offset Clothing.

*Featured artist on the cover of - May 2007 and December 2005.

* Proudly sponsored by GHS STRINGS & SAM ASH!!


War Within

Written By: Blameshift

Raise your guns up to the sky
Write a letter say goodbye
I have tried so hard and failed myself
There's a war inside of me
It's a sleeping enemy
The bitter fight is on, behind these lines
And I'm not ready

As far as I run
I'm the only one I'm running from
Take everything from me
Just leave me yesterday
As far as I run
I'm the only one I'm running from
Take everything from me
This isn't who I want to be

Grab a hold these prison bars
I'm locked behind these fallen stars
Held here captive by my own, intensions
Face to face the mirrors lies
The soldier fights the soldier dies
The wounds will have to mend
Before they do, this race will have to end

As far as I run
I'm the only one I'm running from
Take everything from me
Just leave me yesterday
As far as I run
I'm the only one I'm running from
Take everything from me
This isn't who I want to be

Twisting my arms I've come to, the breaking point
As I lay here I'm given, my final choice
Running from myself until
I see a reason to stand still
I will find my way, I will find it

The Syosset Polka

Written By: Blameshift

You hear like everything I say
Then turn and walk away
Do you feel what I feel

And your lips, they try to say
That everythings ok
Do you feel what I feel

Your holding on
I can't pretend to feel the way you do
Its fading

Broken and tied to your name
I'll never be the same
Broken inside myself
You've been here all this time
I'll never forget you

And the scent of you will haunt my memory

And the thought of you still haunts my memory

And then I scream your name and I know your listening

I'm taking back what I really need
(I thought you said you needed me)
You made your bed now go lie in it
(Let's fix this)
My silent vow, I promise you
(I made mistakes, I know I did)
To treat you now, the way you've been treating me


Written By: Blameshift

You're not just anybody...

Is the answer to your question
We're never gonna stop
We're never gonna do what you say
We've got everything we need

You can here me screaming
Envy is the knife that stabs the pain
and forever we will stay

Sweet Revenge
A word not said
As it unfolds
The paybacks fed

Screaming out
What our hearts will do
If we get shot down
Shot down in a fall
We really dont care at all

Just tell me tomorrow
You'll be missing
Shoot it right back
I'll shoot it right back with a smile
We got everything we need

Can you hear me screaming?
I'm the victim of the day
It's forever your mistake

You're such a fake
Biting the hand your eating from
Holding my fist I wont dare to swing
Empty and shallow speak in vain
A ghost of whats yet to come

We're not listening anymore

We'll scream until you hear us
Our voices will be heard


Full-Length Album - The Test - released May 1, 2007

•The Test's release was supported by promotion on the front of purevolume, artivles in Alternative Press magazine and a full US tour including 27 states
•The Test is available through the Merch Direct, I-tunes and Smart Punk.

Set List

Blameshift's set list consists of seven songs (about thirty minutes) -- just enough to keep the audience wanting more.

1.) It's Not Goodbye, It's Just Goodnight
2.) War Within
3.) f.a.k.e.
4.) Be Careful What You Wish For
5.) Pink House
6.) Sincerely, Bill Phillips
7.) The Syosset Polka