Blaming Eddie

Blaming Eddie

 Scarborough, England, GBR

Powerful yet melodic pop-punk with a heavy side originating from the sea side town of scarborough taking influences from a wide variety of sources not just pop-punk, hints of other genres flow through the bands veins and subtly reveal themselves when the time is right.


Blaming Eddie are a Pop-Punk/ Post-Hardcore band originating from the seaside town of Scarborough, to imagine our sound you should combine the powerful choruses of pop-punk with the brutal rhythms and breakdowns of hardcore then throw in a few intricate guitar melodies topped of with some soaring vocal lines.

We have honed our skills through a relentless routine of writing rehearsing, gigging and recording.

In late 2010 we independently recorded, produced and distributed our D├ębut E.P "Hit The Showers". We promoted this by embarking on a mini-tour to nearby towns.

As well as organising our own gigs we have supported many other bands including opening for "Forever Never" on one date of their UK tour