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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Late Summer Bank Holiday: Part one"

"One of Monday's hot events was going to be the performance of African and Caribbean music, in the same vein of celebration of cultural diversity. The band in question turned out to be Britannia Rumba, a Manchester-based musical collective, performing what is usually called here 'world music', accompanied by a dance group of four girls in lovely green sarongs, tops and visors. The band was playing on the stage outdoors, it was a bit cold, and the wind was quite strong. Nevertheless, the Afro-Caribbean sounds have filled the surroundings completely, and children, parents and even some of the IWM workers were jiving gleefully. Soon after I packed my equipment and went to catch the bus home. I could long hear the drums and guitars, as I was walking away from Salford Quays." - Notebooks 28 August 2006

"Bolton's diversity Show"

"Children from Starting Point opened the event in song, before upbeat African musical and dance performances from Blancard de Plaizir and Britannia Rumba Band thrilled the audience". - Bolton at Home

"Fun in East Salford"

" and the day ended
on a very energetic note by Britannia Rumba, who got many of
us up and dancing". - East Salford Community Committee Newsletter

"Manchester International Festival: Exodus Live"

"As Britannia Rumba played out the night, the atmosphere in the Academy spoke volumes about value of world music. When it comes to collaboration, the Manchester International Festival does not get more international than this". Zannah Ingraham
- BBC Manchester

"Blanchard de Plaizir visits Cotonou"

"A Cotonou où on le connaît seulement à travers l’Internet, la star congolaise de Manchester va affronter les journalistes au cours d’une conférence de presse qu’il va animer. Le patron de Britannia Rumba » va leur parler du secret de sa réussite dans le milieu européen où il impose son style en particulier, la musique congolaise en général et d’autres sujets d’actualité liés à cet art en Rdc".

"L’album « Plaisir ya trop » de Blanchard de Plaizir, un vrai bonheur pour les mélomanes"

« Plaisir ya Trop » de Blanchard de Plaizir qui réside à Manchester en Grande Bretagne, un album qui touche les cœurs et qui fait bouger les mélomanes , à cause la profondeur de ses textes et ses rythmes endiablés".

"Album Review"

This is the second album from the Kinshasa-born singer, songwriter and producer Jean Blanchard Azip aka Blanchard de Plaizir and his Britannia Rumba band based in Manchester and presenting Congolese Soukouss and Rumba in ways which also reflect on the band's residency in Britain. Mind you, the excellent cover looks to have come straight out of the former Zaire! The music, too, is a fascinating mix of old and new: "Homme Plus" is a rather nicely old-fashioned African rumba, but it follows on from the always crowd pleasing "Eza Kolo", a tough rhythmic piece which has strong echoes of contemporary black American and Jamaican sounds. The majority of the eight tittles were recorded live in the studio and for the most part this set provides strong, sweet, flowing soukouss, all scintillating guitar lines and fine vocals and harmonies, the kind of thing you suddenly realise has built up a massive head of steam and - even in your front room, believe me - your feet and hips are moving independently(if you're lucky). It really does not matter in the slightest that the lyrics are in Lingala or French; if you don't speak either, the ambience is the key and it is fun to spot familiar English words and phrases ( I did catch the name of a shop I know of in Manchester). Pure pleasure indeed, from the first note to the last. - Rock'n'Reel Magazine vol 2 No 6 Nov/Dec 2007


July 2004 Decolage: A 5 track album released in july 2004 songs from this album have been aired on the BBC radio manchester, All FM, Austrian Radio 1, and many internet based radio stations across the globe.

July 2007 Plaisir Ya Trop: 8 track album. Songs from this album are getting regular airplay in many radio stations accross Africa, the UK, and the Voice of America africa section.



Blanchard De Plaizir is a Singer songwriter, DJ, dancer, Performer and Producer of Congolese Rumba music commonly known as Makossa, Soukouss, Ndombolo .

Born in Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of Congo formerly known as Zaire, De Plaizir grew up inspired by the music of Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, The Wenge Musica band and other renowned musicians in Africa. His musical adventure began at the age of 10 with his school dance group where he learned the art of dance. He further developed his musical talent in gatherings of young people on the streets of Kinshasa, cooking up energetic interpretations of popular songs by Congolese super stars.

At the age of 12, He joined Traction Dallas a local band only for his parent to stop him. In 1998, De Plaizir moved to the UK and soon after decided to pursue his musical dreams the primary goal of which was to share his Congolese culture with the people of his adoptive country through music and dance. Apart from live concerts, Blanchard de Plaizir leads workshops on Congolese music and dance in Schools, Colleges and Universities around Great Britain.

In the year 2000, De Plaizir moved from London to Manchester where he started DJ'ing at African parties and organising African music events in the Northwest and Yorkshire.

In 2002, De Plaizir formed Britannia Rumba his Live band with other Congolese and African musicians to carry on promoting African music in the UK. The band has 8 members made of musicians and Afro Queens dancers and can perform as a 4 piece accoustic set or a full 8 piece band with dancers.

Blanchard De Plaizir is the driving force behind the band which entertains and inspires audiences at venues all round Manchester – G Mex, University of Manchester, Contact Theatre, Bolton Octagon Theatre, Manchester Academy, The Green Room, The Zion Centre, Platfield Park, The Telfords Warehouse, The WOW Festival in Wigan, The festival of diversity in Oldham, and the Exodus Festival in Hulme Park.
Britannia Rumba is an innovative blend of rumba, Manchester’s music energy and modern music technology and opens up a new world of sound and rhythm to the live music going public. The band also provides a context for African musicians in the city to get together and develop their sound.

In July 2004, Britannia Rumba released “Decolage” their first 5 track album with a video to promote their work songs from the album has been aired on the BBC Radio Manchester, All FM, and many internet based radio stations accross the globe.

Following the release of his first solo Album "Plaisir ya Trop" (Pure Pleasure) in July 2007, Blanchard de Plaizir and his band have toured Benin, Nigeria, Togo, performing in the Stade d'amitie in Cotonou, The Centre Culturel Francais, and the Palais de Congress during the Miss Benin Competition.
Songs from the album are aired on many Radio stations accross the globe such as the voice of America African service, radio stations accross Sub Sahara Africa, and many internet based stations.

Britannia Rumba is a living embodiment of spirit of their first album, Decolage (‘taking off’). As a band, Britannia Rumba has built a strong reputation as one of the most exciting live music and dance groups in the North West. Firm festival favourites, they electrify the crowd with their infectious soukouss rythm and dance wherever they appear