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I bring my fans Latin Hip Hop Ballads. I bring Latin, Hip Hop, and R&B together and write songs about my experiences in relationships. I make songs as real as possible and have fun. I have songs for the almost any occasion. I even have a song that highlights sixth street in austin " Texas Girls"!


Since childhood, Blanco has always had a passion for music. He remembers going shopping with his parents and while other children were trying to get their parents to buy toys, he was sneaking cassettes or cds into the shopping cart.Blanco never had any formal music instruction other than playing in his high school band but he has always had the ambition to become a successful producer and would tell his friends and family about his future plans.

However, no one would take him seriously.

Upon graduation from high school, Blanco recalls former classmates teasing him about not having produced any music or achieving his predetermined goals. Blanco enrolled in the Sound Technology Program at South Plains College in hopes of gaining some experience and knowledge in order to begin his musical journey. His instructors doubted his commitment to the program due to distractions in his personal life and Blanco eventually quit the program, transferred to Texas Tech University changing his major to Advertising.

Blanco decided to put his musical endeavors on hold in order to concentrate on obtaining his degree. During this time, Blanco was able to expand creatively by studying the art of creative writing and producing jingles, commercials, and radio spots appealing to a range of audiences.

Blanco has always been inspired by the unique style of NB Ridaz. Working with MC Magic of the group, Blanco adapted a pair of the groups songs for his mother and grandmother as a Mother’s Day gift in 2004.

After recording these two songs, Blanco decided to make their “release” more memorable; he contacted Power 106 in hopes of getting his songs on the radio for Mother’s Day. Knowing how difficult it may be to get his songs on the radio in such a short period of time, Blanco remembers writing a letter to Gilbert Esparza of Power 106. In this letter, he requested that his songs be played for this one special occasion. To his surprise, he received a call on Mother’s Day from Power 106 informing him that both of his songs would be played back-to-back on that day.

Hearing his songs on the radio and seeing how the power of music impacted his family, including his mother and grandmother who were brought to tears, Blanco realized it was time to pursue his dream once again.

Shortly after, Blanco had the idea to adapt another song, but this time for a bigger audience at a local night club. After pitching the idea to South Beach owner, Chris Gonzales, Blanco copntacted MC Magic again.

With MC Magic's support, Blanco spent hours trying to write lyrics for this song and realized his experiences with advertising and songwriting would help him find success with this project. Upon completion of the song, with the help of MC Magic, Blanco presented it to Gonzales, who put the song into regular rotation at South Beach.

This opened the doors for Blanco as he made many other remixes to follow.

His next accomplishment came from a project for a class at Texas Tech. Blanco wrote a song for the “Great American Smoke-Out.” This was the first time that anyone had ever written a song for this particular campaign. Once again Blanco teamed up with MC Magic and featured him on the song. The song was presented to members of the American Cancer Society and all of Blanco’s professors in the College of Mass Communications on the last day of the semester before finals. Being one of the quietest students in the class, Blanco took everyone by surprise with this song and received a standing ovation.

Blanco went on to graduate from Texas Tech in May 2005 and kept his part-time job while looking for full-time employment.

While waiting for calls from potential employers, Blancoand found interest in learning more about the talkbox. Blanco contacted MC Magic to find out more information about the effect, but only learned that MC Magic received his talkbox as a gift from Terry “Zapp” Troutman, of Zapp and Roger. Still eager to learn more about this unique instrument, Blanco researched more and found a number for the Troutman family. Blanco was eventually able to speak with Terry Troutman himself, and after stuttering a few words, he was able to make a deal with Troutman in purchasing a talkbox of his own. Two weeks later, Blanco received his first talkbox.

Blanco spent the next few months practicing before making a trade with Charles Sanchez aka “DJ Sancho” for a recording program called “Cool Edit.” Shortly after, Blanco practiced recording music for the first time.

After meeting with DJ Sancho a few times at work, Blanco offered to help him write a song. While working on the song called “Te Quiero,” Blanco was demonstrating to DJ Sancho how the song went and later found himself rapping for the first time on this track. After recording this song, Blanco decided to pursue his solo career and asked DJ Sancho to produce the song “Girl,” which was the first Latin hip-hop ballad produced by Sancho. After writing 6 songs, Blanco wrote a


" One More Time " 2005 release.
" One More Time II" 2009 release.
" Mixed Feelings" 2009 release.

songs " On My Mind" and " I'm Sorry are getting radio play here locally in the West Texas Area. My new release contains my best work to date.

Set List

My typical set is anywhere from 15 minutes -1 1/2 hours. I usually start with songs from my first album " One More Time" and finish with my current releases. I have over 60 songs and can perform for a time period if needed.