BLANDILO is a drums and percussion duo morphing musical genres between humid tribal groove, sharp contemporary rhythms with an avant-garde experimental taste. Performing with furious musical execution and exploding energetic stage presence. You have never seen anything like this before...


Merlin's Magic, Joannie's Intuition
This duo is about to take you by surprise, not only by dint of their expertise and precision, but by a certain connection between Joannie Labelle and Merlin Ettore, the two percussionists who comprise this duo.
Between them, they generate the humid passion of Latin, the electro-speak of the laptop, the rhythms of far shores beaten by hands on indigenous instruments, and the restless funk played by sticks on the western drumset.
Between them, they've done internships in Cuba, pursued advanced percussion studies, devised multi-media presentations, and worked the drumset to frenetic heights.
As you will see from Joannie and Merlin's first note, this is no thrown-together outfit. They've been active in the Canadian and European scene, adding finesse to their presentation. Expect great things from Blandilo.

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BLANDILO bang bongo
3.itch hiker

Set List

It varies, we adapt to the situations... we are pretty flexible and imaginative.