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"Blandville debut album $3000 Dollar Baby""

"3000 Dollar Baby, is deceptively appealing...the winning melodies of These Are Friends of Mine and Love’s Due Back Here Tomorrow come decidedly close to achieving catchy indie guitar pop perfection. Drawing influences from Belle& Sebastian and the Go Betweens, 3000 Dollar Baby is a light-hearted examination of life in suburbia, boasting a sound akin to Bob Evans and City&Colour. Overall, it is an unassuming, accessible LP from an artist who clearly loves making music" Sarah-Anne Lynch (The Canberra Times) - Canberra Times


3000 Dollar Baby - 2009



Blandville is the creative vehicle for Tim, a guitarist and songwriter from Australia. The music is indie guitar pop. Tim who resides in the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney. grew up in the Sydney suburb Gladesville, home of the infamous Blandville court flats. Finding things which are beautiful in the binale he decided to call his new music project Blandville. 2009 sees the release of Blandville’s debut album 3000 Dollar Baby, a collection of songs recorded and produced by Tim at home and mastered at Studios 301. The songs took only a few weeks to record and enjoyed about a year mixing while making a clip for the album’s title track 3000 Dollar Baby. Back in the late 80’s, Tim was in an indie band called Whole World and released three singles in 1988-1990 on the Phantom Records label. Then he was part of the musical partnership called the Pearly Gatecrashers (1990-1997) releasing three albums in Asia and Australia on the Shock label. With Lenore Betteridge, his life partner of 18 years, their collaboration musically ended after Lenore retired from singing. The Pearly Gatecrashers achieved notoriety in the indie scene in Japan. As songwriting is a passion for Tim he recorded and produced music for his publisher and indie TV shows (2000 - 2007) while developing and demoing for the Blandville album. 3000 Dollar Baby is an album that tries to capture snipits of the lives of people that live in suburbia. It is a topic that he enjoys. “There is something beautiful in the ordinary and in my music I want to celebrate that. Within suburbia there may be topics such as loneliness, money and meeting new people. Maybe it’s the view from outside a window that sparks a song, or even placing myself in a situation that could be imagined or factual. “Blandville is part of my life, I love the creativity of writing music and I will always write about what I want to. Having been through many bands and enjoying collaborating with other people, I am enjoying making music alone now,” he said. Tim has been a long time admirer of the Go Betweens, Beck and Belle and Sebastian. He is currently a big supporter of Josh Pyke and Angus and Julia Stone.

BLANDVILLE was in the PEARLY GATECRASHERS with lead singer Lenore, the band produced three albums. Blandville is a guitarist and songwriter from Australia.