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A walk in the past

Written By: Angela Stouffer

So many sunsets come and go
we sit alone forgeting what we know.
My mind wanders back to a time to a place
where I feel free to run forever across the open space
Can we forget who we are?
Can we take a walk in the past?
this life is lonely
unless we turn to

Walking in the past

Written By: Angela Marie

If you could understand the present
and not worry about the past
we could move mountains
we could cross the oceans so vast
but you live everyday
like it were yesterday
walking in pain of what was
absent to the place we are
Please don't look back anymore
I need you now and forevermore
Stop walking in the past
stay in the moment
what we have will last
if you stop walking in the past

Goodbye to the storm

Written By: Angela Marie

Livin a long time in confusion and pain
Looking for a better life
away from the rain
It's been dark so long
does it matter anymore
who is right or wrong?

Time to pack up,
wish myself goodluck
say goodby to the storm
hit the highway
find the right way
No more lonely days
God help me to get away
from the storm

I will make a mistakes
but I'll keep going
and Hoping
That what I become
is better than who I was
One day of freedom
is better then this eternal hell