Blanket Barricade

Blanket Barricade

 Port Moody, British Columbia, CAN

Blanket Barricade is a theatrical rock band from Vancouver, Canada. The music explores and expands upon the sonic space championed by groups such as Arcade Fire, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Pink Floyd. Wesley Krauss, the front man of Blanket Barricade, strives to build every song from a soft inconspicuous start to a majestic noise filled end punctuated by tubular bells, choirs, and walls of washed out guitars. Blanket Barricade's debut album, "Parade Bells" due out in Spring 2012, offers a journe


Blanket Barricade's music brings a theatrical element to its music, being heavily piano driven and using multiple layers of sound to replicate a much larger act. The unique brand of music brings listeners to a place that is distinctly their own, whether that place resides in outer space or a lush tropical rainforest. Outside of the musical aspect, each song from Blanket Barricade's album, "Parade Bells", will be accompanied by its own music video, many of which are now available to view on YouTube!


"Parade Bells" LP:

1. X-Out 04:21
2. A Velvet Affair 05:45
3. Friendly Games Of Deceit
4. Hype Machine 03:26
5. Just Because
6. Sticks and Stones
7. Hollow Eyes
8. Stray Shadows 04:39
9. X-In