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Blanket Barricade

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos




If Weezer had a 4-way with The Killers, REM, and Arcade Fire, the bastard child would come out sounding something like Vancouver’s Blanket Barricade. With insightful lyrics and an indie-pop sound, Blanket Barricade has separated itself from many Vancouver alt-bands by simply being genuine.

Dealing with issues of loss, love, and alienation in their own unique way, Blanket Barricade feels wise beyond their years and onto something (that as Eddie Vedder would say), “Haunting familiar yet I can’t seem to place it.”

Psyching up for the release of their new album PARADE BELLS and accompanying trilogy of music videos, lead vocalist WESLEY KRAUSS sat down with VANCOUVER’S HOTTEST MUSIC:

VHM: Your favorite vocalist(s)? Why?

WESLEY KRAUSS: Roger Waters/Pink Floyd and Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins, as for me their lack of “traditional” vocal prowess combined with their ability to sound unique and emote their words is what makes me enjoy listening to them. Roger Waters has that sarcastic bite which permeates most of what he sings, which I love. Billy Corgan can take the most simple words and lines and make them bite just by passing them through his nasally whine.

VHM: What’s the most played song on your MP3 player?

WESLEY KRAUSS: The new Fleet Foxes song “The Shrine/An Argument” is epic beyond belief and the animated music video is just amazing. Other songs I’ve been listening to lately include “Video Games” by Lana Del Ray and “We Carry On” by Portishead.

VHM: If you could be re-incarnated as any musician alive or dead, who would it be?

WESLEY KRAUSS: David Gilmour ‘cause I love his guitar work and of course Billy Corgan.

VHM: Words of advice for any upcoming vocalists out there?

WESLEY KRAUSS: Don’t try to sound like anyone else. I used to try to emulate other vocalists (Axl Rose, Freddie Mercury) who have very different ranges from me when I was young and lets just say my vocal chords were not happy. It also kept me from discovering my true voice, which is something that is worth finding.
Most important of all though is not to strain and yell too much. I’ve heard that when ACDC’s Brian Johnson records (or performs) he’s barely audible without a mic. He looks like he’s screaming his head off but he’s really just muttering at low volumes which are pumped up by the audio gear.

THANKS WESLEY! - Vancouver's Hottest Music

"New Music Series: Blanket Barricade" - UnNomDeGuerre

"Download It! Vancouver's Blanket Barricade offer "A Velvet Affair" + Reverse Promo Vid"

Got the heads up from Blanket Barricade's Wesley a couple days ago about their freebie track "A Velvet Affair" and the completely backwards video that goes with it.

Wesley says in his email that he was required to learn the song lyrics backwards, so that when the video was played it would appear that his singing was the only thing moving in the right direction. I momentarily thought it might be a gimmick, but it's not and the song definitely stands up. It's pretty special actually, and the more I play it, the better it sounds. Loving the big piano vibe it's got going on. Feels sorta Patti Smith "Because The Night"-ish.

Sic your eyeballs on the clip below and grab "A Velvet Affair" via the soundcloud. Blanket Barricade's debut full-length Parade Bells is out in January. - A Media Mindset


"Parade Bells" LP:

1. X-Out 04:21
2. A Velvet Affair 05:45
3. Friendly Games Of Deceit
4. Hype Machine 03:26
5. Just Because
6. Sticks and Stones
7. Hollow Eyes
8. Stray Shadows 04:39
9. X-In



Blanket Barricade's music brings a theatrical element to its music, being heavily piano driven and using multiple layers of sound to replicate a much larger act. The unique brand of music brings listeners to a place that is distinctly their own, whether that place resides in outer space or a lush tropical rainforest. Outside of the musical aspect, each song from Blanket Barricade's album, "Parade Bells", will be accompanied by its own music video, many of which are now available to view on YouTube!