A combination of well crafted pop and young, whimsical experimental music. Taking what's best about contemporary music and trying to weed out the nonsense.


Blankett didn't name their band after Michael Jackson's child, but the association doesn't bother them. Singer songwriter Preston Armitage did however become mildly obsessed with MJ after meeting him in person. Which resulted in Blankett covering "Beat It" at an after hours club in downtown Los Angeles the night of is untimely death.

Preston was raised by parents who taught him how to play and write, and grandson to Bill Barber, the tubist who played alongside Miles Davis and Gil Evans. Born in the suburbs of New York the three members grew up within minutes of each other. Preston first saw Scott perform during a high school talent show. The two eventually joined forces and J Stare played drums for some of Preston's first songs.

By the end of high school the three had parted ways. Dates, parties, schools and art classes, flowing through life's rivers, the three converged again in Echo Park Los Angeles. Gaining experience touring with the like of The Submarines, Ferraby Lionheart and The Faraway Places. The three reunited and like a fiery pheonix rising from ashes they formed Blankett.

The city of Los Angeles is notorious for being a city of dreams and broken dreams, but with the music and their friendship the band shares an escape. The city however seeps in to influence the bands sound. The drunken dance music at clubs, polished Los Angeles pop, experimental noise and art school folk. While their roots keep the superficial pressures of Los Angeles at bay. Playing music that reaches to achieve the dreams of their collective adolescence.


"The Strangers with the Rising Sun" LP New EP coming soon

Set List

Our set time is around forty minutes. We play around 8 songs.

Tell Me that it isn't true,
Down Again,
The First Time,
Have It All,
Bomb Shelter,
Down City,