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"Creative Loafing"

"With beautiful melodies and heavenly harmonies, Greg Roth's band, Blankety Blank, are a very energetic and charismatic band you don't want to miss." - Creative Loafing

- Nicoll

"ScreenWriter - The Basketball Diaries"

A tasty, melodic four-piece rock'n'roll band a' la Weezer meets Coldplay with witty and introspective lyrics wrapped in a unique, subersive twist. - Bryan Goluboff

"Southeast Performer"

"With the slightest bit of tweaking and more shows like their CD release party, Blankety Blank will be the next thing to happen in Atlanta and the next big thing to happen in music. "Something To Snack On" is a melodic quintet of tunes full of pop, punch, spunk and a hint of funk. All songs are upbeat and up-tempo with well-crafted lyrics."

- Roi J Tamkin

"Amazing band..."

"I've been spinning "Is This Your Pill?" for weeks now! I love it more every time I listen to it! These Atlanta guys have a very unique mix of 80's pop/rock with a little dash of pop-punk with some Queen undertones...what a lethal combination! Hooks galore!
My fave tracks on the disc hit you #1 and #2. The opening track is "5 Minutes Ago", which has the most punk flavor on the disc and a great initial grabber! This one's got the up-tempo rhythm and funk that I love...and the hooky chorus that's kept my shower walls shaking in agony! "Flow" is a slower, ballad-esque zinger that I absolutely LOVE! The music, the words, just the whole vibe of the song is awesome! The rest of the tunes are fantastic to, so you shouldn't miss a one! Incidentally, as additional proof of their talent, Greg Roth, the lead singer/songwriter, won the Rock Finals Award in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition for his song "Unhappy Hour" off their 5-song EP, "Something To Snack On."

"Classic Power Pop"

"This is classic modern day power pop of the highest sort. The center piece of this album is stunning. "Plain and Ordinary" takes the sting of classic Jellyfish and Queen`s slow building anthemics and creates a truly classic power pop song that I would argue is a hallmark song for the modern-day indie power pop sound in the 00`s." - Not Lame Records
- Not Lame Record-President

"Great songs..."

There's quite a bit of lousy music floating around these days. But every once in awhile a band appears that intuitively understands how to write great songs. Blankety Blank is one of those bands.

- Indie Music Review

"BB- Outta sight!"

Is This Your Pill? (Independently released CD, Powerpop/rock)

"Songs are instantly addictive...and the vocals are out-of-sight!!! "Is This Your Pill?" is short, consisting of a mere 9 tunes, but within the confines of those nine tunes, these guys convey more ideas and feelings than 95% fo everyone else out there.
A truly keen little band to keep an eye on. 5+ out of 6 - babysue
- Babysue

"Counting Crows & Blankety Blank"

"Excellent disc and a band I love to see live since their playing is killer...getting played on the 99x specialty show." - Nadine Condon - Counting Crows, Train, Third Eye Blind


CD - Is This Your Pill?
5 Minutes Ago
#1 Fan
Is This Your Pill?
Plain and Ordinary
You Come Through
Twisting the Knife
Sticky Feet

5 Song EP - "Something To Snack On"
Wake Up Now
Unhappy Hour
Ladies in Neon Light
M&M Green & Yellow



What do you think of when you hear the words BLANKETY BLANK?

Tens of thousands of people automatically think of melodies that stick in your brain the way cotton candy sticks to the roof of your mouth. They think of swaggering guitar hooks, soaring vocal harmonies, and lyrical depth with a little bit of humor sprinkled in for good measure.

"Blankety Blank was just awesome! They had the energy, the chemistry, the vibe, and especially the music...the whole package for an ass-kicking good time! Great, great live band! They won the crowd over instantly! These guys started off big, and finished even bigger. Seriously, these guys are tremendous! -

As BB continues to tour the Southeast opening or headlining with such acts as Tonic, Kid Rock, John Mayer, Lynryd Skynyrd, Barenaked Ladies, Toby Keith, Hank Williams, Jr., Shawn Mullins, 38. Special, The Marshall Tucker Band, Cowboy Mouth, Aslyn, Blondie, Roman Candle, Antigone Rising, Slowrunner, & earning such diverse fans as Dre 3000 from Outkast and many other notable artists, Blankety Blank proudly performs songs off of their 9-song full-length debut, “Is This Your Pill?” (Recorded at Butch Walker's Ruby Red Studio & mixed by Russ Fowler: Stone Temple Pilots, Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Angie Aparo, etc…) and their 5-song EP, “Something to Snack On”.
YOU might have heard BB on MTV, VH1, BRAVO, A&E, CBS, ABC, NBC, DEGRASSI, & various radio stations that continue to play BB every month. Undeniable ROCK-N-ROLL stage presence also comes to mind when they hear the words Blankety Blank.

“Unhappy Hour” from the 5-song “Something to Snack On” CD, took home the coveted Finals Award in Rock for the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. “Twisting the Knife” from “Is This Your Pill?” earned the Semi-Finals Award in the International Songwriting Competition. “Wake Up Now”, “M&M Green & Yellow”, and “Ladies in Neon Light”, all off “Something to Snack On”, have been on several shows on MTV, VH1 & many network shows while various other BB songs continue to get national and international attention.

Hear what the press has to say:

“Hooks galore…a dash of Punk-pop with Queen undertones, what a lethal combination!” -

“Songs are instantly addictive…vocals are absolutely out-of-sight!!!”

“Every once in a while a band appears that intuitively understands how to write great songs. Blankety Blank is one of those bands.”

"With beautiful melodies and heavenly harmonies, Greg Roth's band, Blankety Blank, are a very energetic and charismatic band you don't want to miss." - Creative Loafing

It’s definitely time for you to check out Blankety Blank, even if it’s just to find out what comes to mind when you hear the words.