St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Blank is a "live" musical act. The essential sound of the band can be heard in the blank ground, i mean the back ground. The deep rythm and melody, let the lyrics be heard. We try not to inhibit the "jams". So, if the crowd is rockin', we'll just keep the good beats coming!


Blank's beginnings are in St. Louis, Missouri. These four guys were slow roasted, then served on a bed of rice and grilled vegatables. Seriously, they agreed on one thing, the band should be blank. The music is just fine without restrictions and labels.

As modern as it is, the show is very human in nature. The act is real communication. The "jam" will happen either way, but the words and presentation go deeper to illustrate the band's unique spin. Props, and dancing girls are just some of the ways Blank tries to keep everyone entertained.

Continued success relies on invites from music lovers to come and play their event. Maybe it's just the "Show-Me State" talkin', but music must be played.

Thank you so much. from us to you


Context Clues

Written By: blank

Here's what she told me.
I don't know what she told me.
I had to use context clues to figure out what she said.
These are exactly the kinda things I'm talkin' about.


Written By: blank

-full title *Harls Bo Leer

It's coming for you.
Harls Bo Leer!

Chimney's over the flew.

Bromish Holiday

Written By: blank

On a Bromish holiday,
We don't ride far away.
We just catch for certain today.
Secret stainding, and I ran it in your own back yard.
Wasn't even a free space(like change)
In stead of a hack saw, we could try the adjustable wrench, that's kept on the work bench..image of a bust-off in disguide


Blank (self-titled)

Set List

Usually play two sets: 45min. and then an hour.