Blank Slate

Blank Slate


Melodic (with touches of classic metal), potent (yet capable of emotional subtleties), Blank Slate imbues the timeless power trio sound with memorable riffs and hooks and impressive musicianship.


Blank Slate is made of three members. Singer/Guitarist Steve Glazer, Drummer Matt Slack, and Bassist Rene De La Mora. Like many bands in the post-radio era, when exposure to multiple styles allows artists to play fast and loose with influences, it's tough to pinpoint the Blank Slate sound. Mostly, they explore the creative realms of singer/songwriter/guitarist Steve Glazer's vivid imagination and wide-ranging abilities. At all times, though, they revel in the many flavors of all things guitar rock: the sludgy, blues-infused attitude of "Beaten Up," the classic metal riffing of "Ups & Downs," the sparse, tense drama of "Russian Roulette," the thunderous post-grunge of "Zen?" and the snarky vow of indie-pendence of "I'm Fine (Bugger Off)." Based in Austin, Texas, Blank Slate offer a harder-edged alternative to emo and a more sophisticated and melodic variation on heavy rock & roll.


Blank Slate- Blank Slate EP available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, SoundCloud, Spotify, and MOG.

Singles- Zen?