Blank Stare

Blank Stare


Blank Stare is a hard rock band from Oklahoma City that is currently being produced by Scott Rose of the DRT Entertainment band Rikets. We have opened for national bands such as Dope, Chimaira, and Twisted Method. We are currently recording our 1st full album and will be touring once it is complete.


Many bands leave Oklahoma City to escape the monotony of its music scene, but for Blank Stare this has been a blessing allowing them to stand out from the usual crowd of cookie cutter hardcore and indie bands. Blank Stare has been fighting their way to the top of the OKC music scene for 6 years now, and show no signs of slowing down. Persevering through countless lineup changes and even a 6-month hiatus, this band continues to bring their own brand of heavy rock to stages all over the region. Blank Stare formed in the summer of 2002 wanting no more than to play the local skating rink, have a little fun, and give people a show so good they would walk away leaving all their troubles behind. Six years later, Blank Stare has played hundreds of shows at about every venue in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, has opened for such national bands as Dope, Chimaira, and Twisted Method, and has gained fans as far away as Iraq and South Korea. In the Spring of 2008, producer Scott Rose heard the band on OKC’s #1 hard rock station, 100.5 The Katt, and contacted the band immediately about working together. Blank Stare is currently collaborating with Scott on a full length album that will include some re-recorded and some new material.


2009:Vicious Cycle E.P. (5 song E.P.)

2008:Bunkradio online, and Clearchannel's "NEW!" website)
Social Static Single (Played on 100.5 KATT,

2006:Social Static Single (Played on 100.5 KATT)
The Wait Single (Played on 100.5 KATT)
Not Now Single

2005:Crimson EP

Set List

A typical set list is 8-10 songs or about 30-50 minutes depending on what is asked for.
Falling Down
The Wait
Nothing Yet
Social Static
Covers are not common, but on occasion we will throw one in for fun or if specifically requested by a promoter.