Blank Stares

Blank Stares


The Music of Blank Stares takes you back to when Rock n Roll was at its all time high. Bringing energy and charisma to the stage, with a classic rock/blues sound, Blank Stares will never dissapoint, and guarantee you'll be up out of your seat rockin!!


Blank Stares is a straight ahead, in your face, rock and roll band. No pivotal moments exist in the life of Blank Stares. The band was born, exists, and is driven by the incessant need to rock and roll. If ears are present to experience this rock and roll then they must be ready to be pushed to their limit. Ear drum skins are broken everyday, easier than drum kit skins. They consist of Matt Sullivan (Vocals), Andrew Comstock (Guitars), Thomas Hill (Bass), Jonah Snyder (Guitars), and Conor Dempsey (Drums). Calling to mind a time when rock and roll ruled the airwaves and honestly reflected the human condition, their melodic, intricate sound is nothing short of stellar. The energy in a Blank Stares live show is changing lives all around Halifax and could soon be coming to your town.


Currently recording for our first EP