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Blaq Capone

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States | INDIE

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Reggae




"Capone debut single off to a great start"

Kemar ‘Flava’ Mcgregor’s protégé, Blaq Capone is in great spirits these days. His single “Life of a G”, has taken the airwaves by storm. The single Debut at #1 on the UK Top Ten chart and has been receiving heavy rotation in the UK and Jamaica.

“Life of a G” is now a featured track on itunes and on Zojakworldwide and is available for download at most e-tailers worldwide. Music critics are raving about the track. In a time where murder music is celebrated, the timing for releasing this track is perfect. Capone sings on a haunting, riveted, melodic, guitar-driven rhythm with a solid message to would be gangsters. “dem no know the life of a G, before them know, them inna cemetery”.

When contacted by, Capone took the opportunity to condemn the recent attack on Oniel from the group Voicemail and veteran dj, mad Cobra. Capone said that he hopes that the success of the track will send a strong message that we as a people are ready to put an end to glorifying such lifestyle

Recording of the album is complete. The release date will be announced this summer. Fans should expect a variety of quality Rocksteady, Conscious, Lovers Rock and cross-over tunes from this artist. Capone has star quality. His style is very original and carries with it an old school vibe, not often seen in new artist. You can visit his page at

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"Blaq Capone gets ready for 2010"

Connecticut base reggae artist, Blaq Capone, has his eyes set on the year 2010. Capone was in his usual high spirit when I spoke with him. He said that he has been working hard in the studio, while his manager Secret has been busy networking with the industry players.
I asked Capone about his thoughts about the reggae music industry today, and this is what he had to say: “First of all, I would like to make a fundamental distinction between reggae music and dancehall. Many people group the two as if they are the same. It is true that dancehall derived from reggae, but reggae has a slower tempo and a longer shelf life. It is the music that was personified by Bob Marley…music with a message. With that said, you can classify me as a dancehall reggae artist. As far as the state of both today, Reggae is alive and well. Many people would be shocked to find out how that reggae is celebrated worldwide on a large scale. Europeans especially come out in the thousands to see live reggae. Bob Marley and many others have paved the way for artist like me to grace those stages. I am a big believer in humanity and I believe that as a reggae artist I have a responsibility to educate and inspire through my music. Today Dancehall music is dominated by a handful of artist. Mi love dancehall, but it gone beyond comical now and right now I don’t really know where it is going. It is ok if a man say gully or gaza, but it should never get to a personal level. The fire man say, music is a mission not a competition. I just want the dancehall to go back to what it used to be when I was growing up. Where man and woman would dance together and you can distinguish a man different from a woman”.

I asked Capone what type of music he listens to. “To be honest, I create music so often that I find myself listening to my own music a lot, but most of the time when I am relaxing, I like to listen to some Bob Marley, Ken Booth, Gregory Isaacs, Beres Hammond, Dennis brown, yuh know some of the timeless tunes dem. On the flip side, I listen to a lot of blues. I like Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles. I like the old doo-wop music. I even listen to the old country music. When I study the birth of reggae, I realize that these genres of music is the back bone of reggae, so it is natural that I would gravitate towards them” Capone said that he have an old soul and joked that he believe that he was born too late.

Capone was also asked about his music and what his fans should be expecting from him. “my music is emotionally electrifying! Although my sound is influenced by some of the greats, it is profoundly different. I do not sound like any other artist. My lyrical content is also different. I strive to write timeless music. The secret to writing great music is to listen to a Bob Marley or Beres Hammond album and ask myself what makes these songs so great. I sing from my soul. I believe everything that I sing, because I have lived it. I know hunger and I know pain. I know sufferation. I’ve seen many live and die like dogs in what suppose to be a civilize nation. So, when I plead for peace and love, it is not just another cliché line.
Big ups to all my fans especially those in Europe who have been travelling with me on this musical journey. You can look out for me on Reggae festivals in 2010. I love festivals because most carry a message of Unity and love, which is the perfect arena for me to spread my music. Fans should be expecting me to blaze fire straight to the top of the charts in 2010. My short term ambition is to get the prestigious “best new artist” award. I also plan to spend a significant amount of time, touring the island (Jamaica) with my manager and partner in crime Secret. Right now she is in the process of forming a band with some of the most talented musicians in the business. I also have plans to work with some of the most talented producers in the business”.
- Jamaica Observer

"Kemar Flava McGregor’s new find"

Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor is one of the best young roots-reggae producers in Jamaica. His excellent track record speaks for itself when it comes to produce hit riddims and penning world class songs. Along with writing he produces his own beats which proved a winning combination with artistes such as Gyptian, Etana, Nesbeth, Richie Spice and Lutan Fyah, Gramps Morgan, just to name a few and he has worked with all the major artiste like Beres Hammond, Freddie McGregor, Richie Stephens, Marcia Griffiths, Glen Washington, Coco Tea, Jah Cure, I-Wayne, Capleton and Beenie Man.
Flava’s hit list includes songs such as Nesbeth’s Guns Out, Etana’s I Am Not Afraid, Gramps’ One In A Million among others.
Now the genius producer has his sights set on a hot upcoming artiste out of Connecticut — Blaq Capone.
In an interview with Observer McGregor says he is very impressed by Capone’s talent.
“When I first heard his demo track, I said wow this artiste have talent. Because of the way he delivers and the way he compose; I really liked it and this is what I am definitely looking for in new artistes,” the producer explained.
Having voiced Capone, Flava is expecting big things from his latest find. According to him the studio vibes is just great. “We were in the studio for the weekend and the artiste listens and he takes very good direction and we lay down 16 tracks and for a young artiste to do this he has to be real talented to do that.”
Capone has already recorded his first single for the No Doubt Records producer entitled Life of a G and it’s a track that Flava is extremely confident about. According to him the song is destined to be a hit…and if his track record is anything to go by then music lovers can watch out for this one. The single will be released on Wednesday, April 7.
The Observer caught up with the artiste Blaq Capone and asked him how he felt about the debut single.
“The lord has blessed me with the opportunity to work with the producer that I idolize the most, Flava McGregor. I am more than flattered that he believes that I am among the big finds for the millennium. I am excited about the single Life of a G. This is a very personal song for me. The beat is crazy and the overall vibe of the tracks takes the music to another dimension.”
In describing the track’s contents he explained “well, Life of a Gangster, is my personal definition of an individual who is considered as a gangster, but who actually lives by a certain code of conduct, morals and ethics. He lives and dies by his word and principle. So when mi say life of a G, mi a talk bout the life of the real man dem, the protectors of life, who maintain order when there is none. The track also deal with the wannabees, who tend to be far more destructive in our communities.”
McGregor has every confidence that Capone has what it takes to make it all the way to the top. According to him, Capone already possess all the right ingredients for success, all he has to do is continue to work hard and write songs with substance and longevity. To ensure that his promise at stardom is fulfilled Flava says “I am putting 1000% of my effort in his career.”
- Jamaica Observer

"Hit bound track"

US based (apparently born in Kingston) Blaq Capone who has had the most fortunate set of circumstances in linking with the greatest Reggae producer on earth, Kemar ‘Flava’ McGregor. The result of said “link” is the social commentary ‘Life Of A G’ which is very interesting. The lyrics of the tune are such where they kind of seem to try to tear down the glorification of the violent life style (life of a g) and show the unfortunately GRIM reality of it (“dem don’t know the life of a G, before dem know dem inna cemetery”) and, of course, does so across a Flava riddim (which I’ve never heard before). Again, I don’t know how the link was made, but this could potentially be very fruitful also. Capone’s delivery is solid and doesn’t take much getting used to (even though his name sounds like something which came from the 1980’s) (you cannot tell me ‘Blaq Capone’ doesn’t fit in with ‘Super Cat’, ‘Mad Cobra’ and ‘Louie Rankin’, you just can’t) and, his lyrical ability is very sharp. Now if he’s added into the mix of No Doubt Records, especially retroactively (and thus given the opportunity to voice Flava’s ever increasingly VAST catalogue of riddims), it could be a very nice and powerful thing, so definitely look forward to hearing more from Blaq Capone, but here is a very nice place to start - unknown


LIfe of a G - Nodoubt Records



Imagine that you a serenaded by a voice that sounds like a total eclipse of Beres Hammond, Bush man, Buju Banton, Dennis Brown and the smoothest dancehall vibe? Whether you listen to a Blaq Capone Rock steady, Lovers rock, Culture or Dancehall track, you will experience that sound over and over again. Blaq Capone is undoubtedly one of the most talented reggae sensations to hit the streets.

In late march 1999, Chris Shaw, Artist name Blaq Capone arrived in the U.S from Jamaica. Capone was born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. His experience in the ghetto can be heard through his music. It was not long after he arrived in the US that he noticed a void/lack of local reggae talent, especially in the home state of Connecticut. Capone would take the next 10 years to grow as an artiste, while pursuing a college degree. In 2004, he graduated with high honors and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (BIT); that same year, he was sworn in as an American citizen. Capone continued to excel in his IT career; however, his love for music would, later, over-ride his other ambitions. Over the years Capone continued to write thought provoking poetry that agitated and inspired readers and listeners alike. His manager, Secret, who discovered him, stated that Capone’s creative writing ability was undeniable. Capone made his debut in the industry by opening for Beenie man followed by Movado. He went on to sharing stage with Spice, Kiprich, Laden and Konshens to working with Baby Cham in his hometown in Connecticut. Today Capone has graced dozens of stages including the Brooklyn Reggae fest and making an appearance at the New England reggae fest.

In Oct, 2006, Venom Knights Motorcycle club was founded by Capone (President) and 3 close friends. Capone used this medium to create a self contained volunteer system, where members of his motorcycle club would dedicate their time and efforts to raise money for different charity organizations, and special needs non-profit groups in CT. Blaq Capone remains very passionate about charity and still spends a significant amount of time and money to various causes.

Capone is ready to embark on yet another milestone. In 2009, his demo CD was sent to Kemar Flava Mcgregor, who is Jamaica’s number one reggae/roots producer. Flava was so impressed by the tracks that he contacted Capone’s manager, Secret, within an hour of listening to the demo and quickly made arrangements to start working on Capone’s debut single, “Life of a G” and album.
The pages of history will read that Capone is officially been placed in a category by himself. That is what happens with you collaborate the best new reggae singer/song writer with a genius hit making producer/song writer. Fans can expect a slew of soulful Rock Steady, Conscious and hardcore Dancehall reggae music from Capone.