Blaq Magiq Musiq

Blaq Magiq Musiq

 Marietta, Georgia, USA
BandR&BHip Hop

Blaq Magiq Musiq is an Artist Development and Management Company that specializes in the growth of an artist creatively, professionally and as a person. We don't just help you produce music, we help to develop your music and your business so that it is sustainable for as long as you want it to be.


Blaq Magiq Musiq is not for artists looking for a hit record. It is for artists looking for careers in the business. Comprised of songwriters, producers, business experts, promotions gurus and life coaches, Blaq Magiq and its network of industry professionals take your career to the next level by using the greatest source you have at your disposal: YOU. You define your goals right now, what you would like for them to be in the industry, and what you would like to grow into and we do the rest! Long-term and short-term goals are our specialty and we make it easier than ever to get on with what's important to you while we give you to tools to make "it" go better!

Founded in 1999 by BMI songwriter and composer Steffan Cooks, Blaq Magiq Entertainment began as a one-man operation that supplied up-and-coming artists with the hottest songs of the period. Now with the knowledge gained from over 13 years of experience, an extensive professional network and a love and passion for the craft. Steffan and his Blaq Magiq brand are prepared to help independent musicians on all levels of development understand that in today's music scene a lot of hard work, some research and a willingness to think "outside of the box" can land you almost anywhere you want to land.

We offer a full array of audio and video production services, business training tailored to your specific career goals, management services and exposure to a network of professionals dedicated to showing artists that today's music scene is more accessible then they think.


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