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"Mak Dope -Interview-"

WWS Magazine: How did you get started with your music?

Mak Dope: My brother was into rap real big back in the day he used to do shows around the hood and that’s really all we listened to you know the Curtis Blows, Sugar Hills, Run DMC, and all the pioneers of this hip-hop. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones I can say I grew up on hip-hop and now it’s part of my life.

WWS Magazine: What are you currently working on?

Mak Dope: Well right now I’m working on the finishing touches of my first solo project the Dope House due out real soon. I have been putting this off for far too long although I have been busy with this rap thing with my group the Illatary. We are also working on the Bad Habbits vol. 2 compilation.

WWS Magazine: What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music?

Mak Dope: I listen to a lot of hip-hop but I try very hard to do my own thing that’s not to knock anyone doing they thing right now but I’m trying to set a standard. I also listen to R&B, Blues, and some pop but not a lot.

WWS Magazine: What is your opinion on mainstream music today? What do you like or don’t like?

Mak Dope: I feel like hip-hop/rap has come a long way and I love the respect we have been getting here lately. But with that being said it’s a lot of watered down hip-hop out there too Kats letting other influence there work for a dime or two. Right now I’m feeling of course the west coast scene you know the Cube, Snoop, Dr. Dre, Game, to name a few I also like Young Buck, Lil Rich Boy and Dip Set and it’s a lot of Kats I don’t listen too I’m not going to name names but they the watered down Kats that I was talking about. Keep it real as they say.

WWS Magazine: Who do you admire?

Mak Dope: Kats like Russell Simmons for really bring the business mind to this hip-hop thing I mean can you imagine hip-hop with out def jam? I also admire Jay Z for what he has accomplished in the game as well. My brother Blakkat for doing what he’s doing with Blaque Kat Inc. and anybody not hating life is too short to be hating all the time you got to be a go getter.

WWS Magazine: Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else’s?

Mak Dope: My music is Dope! I feel I bring something to the table that is not being brought right now by anyone in hip-hop. I’m versatile I bring quality my vocab is deeper than most. Kats are getting rich off of hooks or gimmicks I feel like if you like hip-hop you will love Mak Dope.

WWS Magazine: Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work?

Mak Dope: Well I have not worked with your big names or superstars sort of speak but I have work with Kats like XLRG, Blakkat, Thrill Nova & Diamond Cut that live and breath this hip hop thing and I guess you can say its taught me to be more dedicated and try to get myself and my label where we need to be on top.

WWS Magazine: What is your local music scene like?

Mak Dope: It’s wild we do not get the pub in San Diego that other cities in so cal get but you know we got Mitchy slick, Jayo Felony, Soulcat, myself, the Illatary we doing our thing you should check out to get a feel for the SD music scene or just swing through and holla at cha boy.

WWS Magazine: What suggestions do you have for other artists in the music industry?

Mak Dope: Don’t stop keep doing what you do and make sure you stay real to yourself and if it’s meant to be you will shine for the world to see. People think they need a major to make money in this rap game but I’m here to tell you; you don’t. It’s a lot of money out here for independent artist and labels so go get it. Like Thrill say “Keep it Movin”

WWS Magazine: Where do you see yourself in a year from now?

Mak Dope: I see myself as still being an independent artist but with a bigger fan base running a independent label with my brother and just still doing my thing.

WWS Magazine: Any additional information you would like the people out there to know?

Mak Dope: Yes sir, be on the lookout for Thrill Nova’s Jewel of The Gem City, The Dope House, and Bad Habbits vol. 2 and check us out at and
Big Will - WWS Magazine
- WWS Magazine


January 1, 2008 Kata$trophe Platinum Certified - Blakkat
January 1, 2008 Who is Chris Flake? EP - Chris Flake
July 17, 2007 Bad Habbits da compilation vol. 2 - Various Artists
May 8, 2007 Jewel of The Gem City - Thrill Nova
July 4, 2006 West Coast Offense - ILLATARY
May 9, 2006 Whatchall Want - Finga Bandit
December 27, 2005 Timele$$ Mu$ick - Illatary
January 18, 2005 BackGroundCheck - XLRG
July 15, 2003 Motavation - Illatary
February 11, 2003 Bad Habbits da Compilation Vol. 1 Various Artists



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