Blaque Lyte

Blaque Lyte


Blaque Lyte is a Boston based band playing a mix of R+B, Funk, Jazz. They bring a combination of musicianship and performance to their shows. If you want to see a stage lyte up, come out to see the high energy shows of Blaque Lyte playing their fan favorite originals and well known covers.


Blaque Lyte began in 2006 at a Eastern Nazarene College event called " The Spot." The four of us got together to rehearse, as we were asked to be the house band for the event. Brent Hebert, Nick Estrela, and Jonas Imbert are currently attending Berklee College of Music, and have been playing together for seven years since High School jazz band. In college, we met up with Kyle Sousa at Eastern Nazarene College, and he had alot of the same style, feel, and influences that we did. Influences such as Soulive, Lettuce, RH Factor and Mint Condition. Needless to say the band's sound emerged instantly. What separates Blaque Lyte from other bands is our ability to incorporate popular songs into our originals, and keep the crowd interested and involved into the new music that they're hearing. We leave people wanting more...


All About Love

Written By: Brent Hebert

All About Love- 10-29-07

Look in my eyes, you will see
Im just like you and your like me
But theres constant pressure bringin us down
And ideas are always pushin us all around

Tellin us to define ourselves
Separate your life from everyone else
The funny thing about living here today
Is we’re just as different as we’re exactly the same

Should be all about love, love
There’s no one that can live without love, love
Whether or not there is a god up above
Cant we stop all of this fighting and drugs now baby
Just take my hand let me help you understand

Should be all about love, love
I know its not hard to lose your way with this love
But Im telling you that’s what life is made of
Your father mother, sister little brother
Every single day, they’ll show you way
And we can make this world a better place.

Its alright baby please
Don’t give into all of the shit that you read
And see while you watchin the screen
I mean you cant believe what this is doing to me

I wish I could explain so much more
To me, you just treat others like what your hopin for
And if it all works out in the end
With the people you love you’ll be together again


And if you give it a chance, baby I know you’ll see that
Love is the only way
With all that’s goin on, there’s gotta be something wrong
Just listen to these words that I say

Don’t try to, Deny that
Everybody feels the same
So lets just, keep in mind we can
Care for one another today

And it should be all about …


Wasted Time

Written By: Brent Hebert/Henry Baptista

Wasted Time-6/06

Woke up today, without a thing to do
So I got dressed, no reason to smell good
Don’t comb my hair, my bed head looks just fine
Not much to do, but check out who’s online

My messy room, can wait another day
It seems to me, to be the only way
But I don’t care, time is on my side
No I don’t care, no worries on my mind

Some may say, live today
But I say why, becuz I’d rather be

Wastin time, though there’s things to do
Keep in mind, I’m happier than you
And I don’t know why, you’re not here
To share, this wasted …time

It may be true, the things that you have heard
About your life, I think its so absurd
How you believe, the things you do today
Will help you reap, tomorrows brighter day

And its ok, don’t be afraid
As time goes by, you’ll realize why we’re

Wastin time, though there’s things to do
Keep in mind, I’m happier than you
And I don’t know why, you’re not here
To share, this wasted …time

Some may say, live today
But I say why, becuz I’d rather be


Heaven's Harmony

Written By: Kyle Sousa

Heaven's Harmony

I cut myself, to cut the edge
Just to feel alive again
My love is dead and Im flowing red
The pain I feel it never ends

I have these scars on my heart
Now that my love is gone
It will heal, and I have to feel
As I try to live on


I can hear voices callin' (callin')
A choir of angels
(eh eh eh eh ooo oooo)

and they're singing...


Heaven's harmony
Is the only thing that can save me
Heaven's harmony
Now lovin a melody

Verse 2

Im locked up, in chains
When will my soul be free
Cathedral bells and the flames of hell
Imprision for eternity

And I cry out for release
I was out of control
All this time for my mind
To let love take hold




"Blaque Lyte Live at The Spot" -April 22nd 2006-
We sold a live demo of our first show at "The Spot." It was independently released and sold.

Set List

Our typical set lists consist of our originals and 3-4 cover songs depending on the time we have to fill. Generally our sets are 1-2hrs. in Boston. But we have shows in our hometown where we play for 3 or more hours.

Set List:
1)Intro-Lyte it Up--(B. Hebert) 6:50
2)Heaven's Harmony--(Kyle Sousa) 4:45
3)What it is--(B.Hebert, N. Estrela) 5:20
4)Each Day--(B. Hebert) 4:20
5)Funqy Feelyn--(N.Estrela) 6:10
6)Inspecta Gadget--(cover) 2:49
7)Cosby Show Theme--(cover)1:45
8)Crazy Race/The Good life(covers) 5:10
9)All About Love--(B.Hebert) 4:30
10)Strollin'--(B.Hebert) 4:15
11)Just The Two of Us--(B. Withers) 7:00